Tuesday, 13 December 2016

those words... woh baat

he was a young man with a hope in his heart one night not so long ago... till darkness took it away. he believed what he saw was true... and let his hope go with the light in his eyes dimming. but perhaps it lingered, a little disobedient, buried deep in a place with almost no light. his chot wrapped in the blood and throb of his heart. till today. till now. when at last he came to believe, not what he saw, but what he felt was true. the rest was merely that... the rest.

as the wind rose in a gust and wrapped around him and a girl at the other end of a phonecall, he said the words he had so wanted to say that night... the treasure held deep in him. ... khushi, i love you.

his love rose in triumph and broke the barrier set by dimaag and rushed with the song of his dil... he let it flow out and surge over to her. perhaps that's why instantly a single tear, flowed out like a river from her eye... coursing down, racing toward her ocean.

khushi main...

khushi main woh...

khushi, i love you.


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