Tuesday, 20 December 2016

a biwi too far : a vm

i made this vm a while back on these entrancing episodes that were beautiful despite all flaws.

i happened to watch 303 and 304 together last night. i found myself not wasting too much time on the silliness of the story and my eyes ears heart seeking out the lovers and watching minutely, not being able to stop at 303, needing to see the next... and the moment he said "huq hai tumhara... mujh pe," i knew i had to express this somehow.

the vm was done in that one sentence i think.

oh the yearning of arnav singh raizada. it comes with heavy doses of his intelligence, humour, hotness, always tycoonness... has any man looked better distracted and bothered...

and has any girl looked nuttier prettier more irresistible in a chutney pink tent with gota and pompom.

be my biwi, said he. never, sighed she.


a song i have known for a while but suddenly apt and i see it's mohit chauhan again... irshad kamil's words, pritam's music... it's mohit c really who makes it beautiful for me.

basic translation courtesy dreamy-songs blogspot.sg and me... still not sure if i got the meaning of fanah right.

please watch on hd and just wanted you to know, every time he says, "mujh pe," in a smoky voice post that little lip thrust, i am annihilated, total fanah. 

yeh dooriyan

yeh dooriyan
these distances

in raahon ki dooriyan
the distance of paths 

nigahon ki dooriyan
distance between our gazes

humrahon ki dooriyan
distance between companions 

fanah ho sabhi dooriyan
may all distances be annihilated

kyun koi paas hai
why somebody's close


door hai kyun koi
why somebody's far

jaane na koi yahan pe
nobody knows 

aa raha paas ya door mein jaa raha
am i moving closer or apart

janun na mein hoon kahan pe
don't know where i am 

kabhi hua yeh bhi
there was a time

khali rahon pe bhi tu tha mere saath
you were with me even in empty streets 

kabhi tujhe milke lauta mera dil yeh khali khali haath
sometimes, even after meeting you, my heart was not content  

yeh bhi hua kabhi, jaise hua abhi 
sometimes, just like now, this also happened 

tujhko sabhi mein paa liya
that i met you in everyone

tera mujhe, kar jaati hai dooriyan
this distance makes me closer to you

satati hain dooriyan
the distance make me suffer

tarsati hain dooriyan
the distance makes me long 

fanah ho sabhi dooriyan
may all distances be annihilated

kaha bhi na maine
didn't i tell you 

nahi jeena maine, tu jo na mila
without you, i don't want to live

tujhe bhule se bhi, bola na mein yeh bhi chahun fasla
even unknowingly, i don't want any distance with you 

bas fasla rahein
let only that distance remain

banke kasak jo kahen
which becomes an echo and says 

ho aur chahat yeh jawan
that may our love blossom

teri meri mit jaani hai dooriyan
the distance between us must be erased 

begani hai dooriyan
distance feels strange

hat jani hai dooriyan
distance should be gone 

fanah ho sabhi dooriyan
may all distances be annihilated





naturally, no copyright infringement is intended. this is a fan appreciation video and there's no commercial transaction involved. thanks to all at ipkknd, mohit chauhan for singing the song so beautifully, and the original owners of the material.

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