Wednesday, 7 December 2016

a woman and a man and the moon and those stars

if he could he'd give me the moon and the stars, she had told her mother once. he decided she deserved to get some planets as well and of course the entire milky way.

he lay her by his side and told the stars to come and present themselves... there's my mother, he said, pointing with absolute certainly at a bright star, his finger moved till he found the one he looked for... and that is your mother.

she didn't ask him how he could be sure, nor did she say, but this is a mere illusion... instead she believed and wondered what their mothers must be talking about.

talk went to true love... but how could one be sure this indeed was true love?

every tear of hers, she softly said, she knows wounds his heart a thousand times.

he looked at her, a breath caught in his throat, his eyes telling her she has no idea how much, and in the simplest whisper he agreed, "har baar!"

yes, every time.

once, when he was far away, she thought he had called her... "ekbaar humey aise laga tha jaise aapne hume aawaz deethi..."


he had called.

one word, that was all. felt like he committed himself to something. to her. 

they had spoken to each across distance, they were indeed ajeeb.

but what happened next was not strange. it was beautiful... and every time i see the shot, my heart clutches tight then slowly releases. he switched off the star show by mistake. she reached across his chest to pick up the remote, and he held her hand, stopped it.

there was something in his eyes.

something he hadn't meant to ask.

yet, she understood.

in that long intimate moment, a marriage, a love, a maddeningly beautiful romance took a surging step forward.


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