Wednesday, 21 December 2016

remember or ramanchi : a vm

two dear friends on india forums and i were chatting about songs one day when this begum akhtar number came up. the moment i heard it i knew an asr khushi story sat in it, even though i didn't understand many of the words... 

woh jo humme tumme karaar tha...

the word karaar (qaraar may be more correct, but i am in a bura na mano holi hai mood) felt like it belonged to asr and khushi's relationship, no matter which stage it was at. and begum akhtar's voice found the inner, not visible, but always palpable layer in their love story. there was a pull in it, something you couldn't walk away from, it was like what existed between the two... no question of leaving, ever.  i wondered what visuals i should use. 

then there was a burst of colour... the karaar said red. 

i thought, yeah... holi. the song is there in all the rang, bhang, pati jo hoon, ramanchi.

karaar has a sense of calm, serenity, of unbroken, uninterrupted... something steady and continuous in a relationship.

a very basic translation i have attempted, after several chats with my friends, issk and kizh, and searching through blogs on urdu poetry. it's a mere guide... the meaning is in the voice and what you see before you, no need to explain that. 


woh jo humme tumme karaar tha tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
the steady feeling you and i once shared, you might remember or you might not

wohi yaani vaada nibaah ka tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
that promise of being together,
you might remember or you might not
woh naye giley, woh shikaayaten, woh mazay mazay ki hiqaayaten
those ever new resentments, those complaints, those funny stories

woh har ik baat pe roothna, tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
that getting irked over every little thing,
you might remember or you might not
kabhi humme tumme bhi chaah thi, kabhi humse tumse bhi raah thi
once you and i had desire (longing), once you and i had a path (to a life)

kabhi hum bhi tum bhi thhe aashnaa tumhen yaad ho ke nah yaad ho
once i and you were friends,
you might remember or you might not

jissey aap gintay thhe aashnaa, jissey aap kehtay thhe baawafa
the one you considered friend, the one you called loyal

main wahi hoon momin-e-mubtalaa tumhen yaad ho ke nah yaad ho
i am the very same momin who suffers, whether you remember or not


the holi episodes

no copyright infringement is intended. this is a fan appreciation video and there's no commercial transaction involved. thanks to all at ipkknd and begum akhtar, all the original owners of the material.

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