Friday, 9 December 2016

the pull

spent quite a while staring at teri meri... had to see that yank, possessive and raw again and again. so very male... and asr.

even in a reverie, fantasy... he has to stake his claim... i was thinking even the first teri meri starts with a pull, tug and twirl into his arms. here, he simply reaches out, lays a hand on her back and pulls her to him, thrusting his body against hers... and barun handled it with such elan. the actual tug happens on the words "doh lavz" after he has circled her in that slightly predatory manner, marking his territory almost. he pulls her suddenly and she goes flying dashing against him... thoughts of centripetal force and velocity, etc., fly around in the head.

very very sensual this teri meri right from the beginning.

soon after that comes the lips thrust forward "ek doojey..." i still have no idea if that happened by chance or it was intentional... a suggestive, slightly lascivious look there... even if not done for effect, certainly editor chose this scene to add something rampantly physical to the sequence. did i just say rampant? yeah, it felt like that to me... just that lip thrust.

and the looking into her eyes, singing with a happy seductive smile... hmmm, teri meri meri teri... khwab it was.




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