Wednesday, 14 December 2016

character is it

a lot of thought i think was given to conveying the complex thinking mind and emotional content of asr. glass was a great choice, so was water, in the visual portrayal.
i studied literature in college. we had to do deep lengthy studies of characters of course. those considered large and with great relevance. even the smaller not so huge ones. i rarely enjoyed these, in fact, studying was never exciting... i did not like writing the reams i was expected to write. something never really touched me as much. maybe studying greek tragedy would have done something. i did feel much for macbeth and othello but really, i was not happy to write and write about them.

look at me now.

when i watch asr and feel a million things in me, hard to always rationally list... i just know there is a character here worth pondering and writing lengthy essays on. he has fascinating contours and fill, some are archetype sorts, some very unique, many absolutely beautiful, some not so nice... complex and big, he strides through 398 episodes leaving one quaking (or sighing and falling flat on one's face) even when the character has been played with.

pity, literature students won't study a contemporary hero called arnav singh raizada.

n i s h a n a   e p i s o d e s

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