Saturday, 17 December 2016

episode 23 the rain hug

he came out of nowhere, scooped her up in his arms and whirled away into the rain, holding her tight as she clung to him. the car roared past, the thunder clapped, she was safe. they stood there together, clasped in each others' arms, her head on his shoulder, his cheek pressed against head. the rain poured on. neither moved. his eyes were icy still, beneath it lurked a strange fire. he didn't let go. they stayed there like that, getting drenched in the rain, rivulets of water streaming into eyes, lips, everywhere.

the sound of the car, the thunder, and rabba vey.  

it had been a difficult day for both. he couldn't get her out of his mind, and he just couldn't fathom this feeling. why was this girl in his head no matter what? she was turning around in that red saree. the pallu slipped, she looked up hurt, almost tormented. lavanya said everything was wrong with her look, but his mind saw otherwise. when she walked into the room as lavanya leaned close playing with his tie in the mood for a little bit of loving, it was as though he had to fly into a rage at her. hurt her. somehow punish her for this. for entering his thoughts and refusing to leave. again without thinking, he walked away from the woman in his life toward the girl who he didn't want around him. in him. so he wanted to believe. he insulted her and sent her off  harshly to do a parking attendant's job.

miserable day for her. why was she allowing this to happen to her. why was he punishing her? all she wanted to do was get home for her sister's birthday. akash offered her water, but did he have any jaleb... and manju ji, she offered her food. any jalebis? no it's the day for bitter herbs. completely rattled by the goings on of the day, the letters, the fur coat, the shoot, and most of all the hostility from the man, she just wanted to let it finish, go home. instead she was at the car park.

and the rain came on. conscientious and perhaps a bit past caring, she carried on with her duties. he came up from behind, under an umbrella held by his lackey. as he saw her, something in his eyes. as thick and dark as the clouds. a long look, then he walked away.

only to return. only to hold her in his arms like he'd never let her go. a line had been crossed when he saw her as she turned, her hair flew, her red saree swayed and swirled, and her innocence called out to him, so innocent she had no idea the effect she had on him. he may deny it, but it was too late.

arnav singh raizada did not like to lose. least of all his senses to this chit of a girl in funny gota edged clothes. so why was he holding on? his face intense, his body like a shield around her. slowly she moved away.

a little distance between them as she looked at him, as though searching for an answer.

but for an answer, you need a question first. was there one? if the last episode was about igniting passion and all red, this could only be about passion thickening, growing deep, murmurous, darkening to a blue. the frenzy of red to the languorous heaviness of blue as it settled in. not to leave soon.

the rain poured on. the blaze seethed in him, you could feel it in every pore of his body, the transfixed glazed look in his eyes, and his body still intimate and close. she looked at him, searching. what was going on? her fear and horror seemed to have been washed away. now just this unnamed thing.

it was good that it rained, otherwise there would have certainly been a fire.

ipk's second memorable week. i never knew i could watch any scene of any serial in any language so many times. great work by creative team, cast, and of course, music and sound were haunting and to borrow jeff's description: hot. today there was good story telling. and one of my favourite characters, began to show her hidden layer of love and motherly concern. sweet, ott hello hi bye bye. what a wink. wonder what she'd say if she saw those two up there. because tomorrow both will again run to the opposite sides of the ring and the battle will resume.

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