Saturday, 3 December 2016

girl time


bang in the middle of episode 38, suddenly camera goes gentle and almost caressing watching two girls dress up for teej. such a prettily directed short set piece, in slow motion, lingering on nice moments. and it says so much about the relationship between two sisters. their innate characters. such lovely girls both. khushi of course loves to dress and has swiped the saree she likes first. payal was left a little dumbfounded, then she was like, oh alright, it's madam sanka after all. there was a giving love of an elder sister in payal for her taller slimmer prettier sis. and some things they enjoyed together like only two girls can. like dreaming of rajkumars, like dressing up. this session before the mirror: trying on jewellery, looking at each other to see what's looking good, giggling and feeling happy about looking rather lovely will lead to both getting more entrenched in two people's hearts... but right now it's just about them, a right royal girl time.

noticed this while watching 38 just now. wondering if the music was always jo pehle hua na. and also why don't i recall this beautiful scene more clearly.


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