Saturday, 3 December 2016

episode 157 love under the table

i think it was around 10:45 that i started feeling the restlessness. almost half the episode was done and yet no sign of sanka devi or laad governor, what was up? i must have seen the episode a couple of times before but for some reason i had not taken note of the fact that there was actually no sign or sight of khushi and asr in this one.

has that ever happened before? a whole chapter without both hero and heroine? okay, while this does not go down well with me, i guess the guys needed a break. daily soaps can be the most draining thing for the leads.

in this trying hard to be considerate viewer mode i will say, the episode wasn't as flat as you'd expect minus essential elements. it didn't peak or had you completely wrapped around its little finger, but it didn't tank either with you in head desk frenzy.

akash and payal and bua ji created enough stir and craziness to have me laughing. akshay can be pretty funny and he is really good with the lost hapless akash bit. deepali was funny, it almost looked as though she wished khushi would appear and relieve her of the duty of bringing humour to the story, but she was not bad. bua ji of course had so much fun overacting like mad. lavanya would have surely told her not to overdo it. the triangle though did work and time passed merrily.

nothing made an indelible mark but it was all rather sweet.

snake on the other hand was creepy as usual and that whole romancing the wife before killing her business was bilious. mama ji interrupted. snake looked worried. anjali smiled and preened and looked thrilled at her husband's lovey dovey behaviour.

first time i watched i had thought snake might succeed in causing injury. i was so relieved when that didn't happen. i needn't have rejoiced, we know what he did succeed in doing later.

surprisingly, the man who during the first half of the story failed at succeeding with every plan he cooked up, suddenly was invincible in the second half. he could fool asr, he could kidnap, kill, dupe, even be wooed back by khushi... what, as they say... ever.

akash and payal romanced under the table. he actually tricked her into holding and stroking the hand that was not injured... how brave and romantic, teehee. but he was rather cute when he asked if he could sit on the chair after all the table under fun.

affected by khushi ji's sanka, the writers have worked out a far fetched, completely lunatic yarn to get arnav ji here... for that midnight moment.


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