Sunday, 25 December 2016

kahani teri meri... two people, a dance, and a vm.

saw a lovely edit on fb of the two of them laughing during the shoot of teri meri and had to make this one. yeah, they kept laughing and being totally out of it and the next instant, they had left all that behind and were intensely into the languid arresting sensual world of teri meri. even in the offscreen sbs segment, every time they switched between being barun sanaya and being asr khushi, i went with them.
23 jan was teri meri anniversary. who in their right senses, i was thinking, actually observes the anniversary of a dance from a daily hindi soap... thankfully, i stopped thinking and just got into it. i say thankfully because this morning, when i was well aware that the date had been crossed, i was again watching the fluid moves, dazed. 

some things are hard to explain. teri meri feels new almost every time i watch. though i practically know the sequence by heart.

was thinking, what what what does this dance have, why is it so very beautiful. off hand, the dance from both godfather i and iii come to mind, and scent of a woman of course, there have been several fabulous dances between lovers in cinema, right now my mind's a blank but i have seen many... yet teri meri calls me again and again. little things, big things, everything calls. the brown of barun's hand against the ivory of sanaya's against that green, and sliding over her stomach. the intense, serious look on barun's face. the little breaks of joyous movement between slow fluid ones. the perplexed look in sanaya's eyes. the absolutely graceful moments at points when they are doing nothing much, just walking or standing before one another. a complete conversation without words being uttered. the flowing beauty of their bodies... reminds me of these crystal two candle stands i have, they are straight along one edge and undulating on the other. the two fit perfectly together along the wavy edge... smooth, lissome, in sync. yet, khushi felt feminine and woman while asr had a certain hardness to his body, very male.

i watched feeling all those things one does and then made a few edits. wonderful work by everyone who was part of teri meri. each shot feels right. and it just takes you along with the dance till something in you is spinning twirling sighing and hearing a story... your own story maybe, the ones done, the ones yet to come.

thank you to the person who posted that shot of the two laughing...

i've made a vm... not that one can improve on the original, this is a tribute. hope you enjoy.


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