Tuesday, 20 December 2016

kissing scene

like a painting often when the two were together in a frame. a layer you can't quite clearly touch, yet you know it's there in their moments together. i have seen many "kissing" scenes, where lips actually touch, a lot of what we think is sensual happens. and as a kid growing up in an environment where no kissing scenes were allowed in movies, the whole thing was naturally always intriguing, something i just had to see. deprivation in early childhood may be the reason ha ha, but i watch shots onscreen which involve physical stuff without flinching, with keen concentration and maybe that's why i know exactly how i feel when i see them. in the beginning, they were most interesting but soon enough they just started looking pretty everyday and ordinary to me. in fact, most times, it started feeling boring or just trying too hard to get the audience gasping. 

i have never ever felt what i feel looking at these two. i first remember going huh when i felt i think my upper arm going kind of hot. what? i thought. what was that? soon enough of course all thought departed. 

all they are doing is looking at each other, or stepping forward/backward, or coming closer... they don't even kiss... and i am getting lost, completely... 

the sensuality of it all changing my breathing pattern. when his hand touched her face, i actually almost passed out. the look in her eyes. 

gah, what was this, if not jadoo, if not the best and the most beautiful kind of nasha. their was not a streak of darkness in it, it was lit and clean and funnily elevating.


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