Wednesday, 14 December 2016

love is not a four-letter word

348. got to be one of my favourite ipk episodes. first time i saw it, i remember leaping into a post with "she did it, oh yes she did it..."

i was proud of khushi... terribly. for scaling a barrier she had placed on herself in deep consultation with social norms... she had not yet made that essential connection between love making and love.. not realised, it's a little beyond sex and marriage.

sex is a physical act... marriage is a human made institution.

love and love making come from our hearts, our inner chords, what's in us, not what's told to us. or imposed upon us. when you make love, you unite with your lover, submit to a feeling, flow with it and say, i believe, i trust, i love. 

sounds bizarre maybe, but to me the act of sex when shared between true lovers has always felt like more than just a physical act. though yes, it's all of sex too... the fun, the play, the physical craving, the tension, the yearning, the physical joy, everything.

i felt she made that connection at last. on the night of janmashtami, looking at radha krishna, thinking of pheres not done, she had hurt the man who loved her beyond himself... it became a question of sex, when and what's right.

tonight she took it with just a little help from a devoted man, a very aroused devoted man, to what it really was... love making. 

desire at its most beautiful.

i totally fell for the beginning of the episode. that corny, sexy dance. youthful, vibrant, speaking of desire in its own way. nothing shy or timid or unadult about it. a woman was out to tell a man, he was hers... no fooling around with chudails.

otherwise, cat fight and murder was on the cards.

he loved that open wanton wanting of hers... strangely it seemed to soothe him, filled him with joy, made him want to share what he had wanted to all along with her... 

her stars.

and then one thing led to another... she couldn't stay away this time. not even when he was willing to let her go.

one night before that forced remarriage of theirs (yes, if any marriage was forced in ipk, it was this one), before the social go ahead to "it", she stroked his cheek with loving hands and said, i know, i understand, i trust.

khushi's submission to me has major subtext. in a scenario where sex is almost treated as a big bad thing and even married couples are shown to abstain for all sorts of cooked up crazy reasons.

but the thing is... neither is marriage all about sex, nor is sex only about marriage. 

that inner element of this act... its emotion, its purity, its essence... episode 348 brings to light that. and makes it a part of their entire love story, right from that moment they met... and felt.

with grace, beauty, and absolute headiness. had no marriage taken place the next day... had no marriage ever taken place... even then it would be love making and the two of them, lovers. true ones. real ones. the kind television usually has no idea about.










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