Wednesday, 7 December 2016

whispers from an episode


tumhe kya faraq padta hai? 

faraq padta hai! kitne pareshan the hum!! 

mere liye? 

oh really?

haan wo nahin...

toh tumhe faraq nahin padta.

tumne apne mehendi mein "a" likhwaya.

nahijn.. matlab haaaan... hamare naam mein bhi "a" hai.

tumhare naam mein... really?

ji... khushi kumari guptaa... aa... suna aapne!


kuchh bhi kar sakti ho? chhura lo apna dupatta.

snatches of conversation, voices, a lift of an eyebrow, a mouth open wide going aaa, a poolside, panic in a pair of eyes, chhura lo apna dupatta, lagi shart; 174 floating through my mind. it's only an episode, indi, don't get so carried away. what if i said, it's too late... what's done, as a wise man once wrote, cannot be undone.


what difference does it make to you?

makes a difference! i was so worried!

for me

oh really?

yes... er, no...

so it makes no difference to you.

you had "a" written on your mehendi.

no... i mean, yeeeees... there's "a" in my name as well. 

in your name... really?

yes... khushi kumari gupta.... guptaa... aa... you heard!


you can do anything? free your dupatta then...



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