Monday, 19 September 2016

a story ends: ncofl... never on a new year

just finished writing another story about asr and khushi. a strange feeling. you shouldn't get steeped perhaps in things like television soap characters, yet you do. here's the epilogue.



  1. I discovered your blog accidentally and feel like this is one of the best things that has happened . I am a closet fan (a huge saansein-ruk-jaati-hain kind) fan of this serial. Have come across several fan fictions but no-one really talked about the series in as detail about the subtle hints , interpretations and the gorgeousness that Barun Sobti is in this serials you have. Also you don't let Sanaya Irani get overshadowed as she very often is in front of the drool worthy looks and intense acting that her co actor is credited with . I am grateful to you for taking out the time and effort to pen your thoughts, opinions and interpretations for us . I miss this serial everyday and feel like i am reliving it every time i read your synopsis of an episode . Thanks a lot .

  2. thank you so much, megha... it's wonderful to see you here. hahaha saansein ruk jaygi kind of fan? then we're all in the same boat... sorry suv. abs love the show as you might have noticed. always lovely to meet another fangurl. sanaya irani is unforgettable as khushi really... not that easy a role. especially khadoos like me, i am never into sweet small town ladkis, but she was too good. and barun sobti, of course, is this man called asr. i must thank you specially for reading those takes of episodes. i used to write at a feverish pitch and wonder what pagalpan this was... but couldn't stop. see you and enjoy... a big rabba vey to you. and who knows, may be some day again a helicopter may land and a girl come careening on a scooter. :)