Tuesday, 27 September 2016

the looks of teej

as 39 started, suited booted tycoon, bhagwan mein he who doesn't believe, was being totally devastating playing protective brother... then he saw his gf. oh the amused cool look. then a little later a ladki looking too pretty in orange lehariya saw the rakshas... and he looked up to see that girl who used to make him only pareshan.. but now... yeh mujhe kya ho gaya... what's happened to me... with the gf he's in control it's patently obvious. with that irritating girl who dares to walk off while he's talking a slew of feelings he has no hold over and a slipping of the famous sab kuch mere control mein hai... everything is in my control. 

this set of episodes from 37 to 41 is so keenly about gazes and eyes and turns of head that say so much. each shot has loads of conversation without anything being said. not just these two, even payal and akash keep talking... but these two leave me frantically searching for some breathing device.   episode 39 you galvanize me



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