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epiosde 341 that's another story

how much need can you put in a pair of eyes i thought (see below, unedited0... upbeat notes of rabba ve, a good feeling. a lovely shot of the two of them. i particularly like the way he leans against the wall... suddenly i am thinking guest house.

she's yelling at him, pushing him, he's walking backward. that evening he'd finally gripped her arms, stopped her onslaught and her whirled around, pinning her pack against the wall.

today he let her come at him. settling back against the frame of the french window, opening up, letting her show her ire... everything would have felt wrong, if that thing in his eyes were not there.

rhea has mentioned this in her 340 take, and it happened to me too... i suddenly was okay with him apologising, even saying thanks later (gosh the achhi bahu brigade really pushed it, didn't they), perhaps because somehow he conveyed to me it was because he loves this woman and he understands she really meant no harm... he knows the dangers. he is not letting his guard down, but he knows she did it because she loves him, loves his sister and wants to see his sister well.

love is a strange thing... makes you take steps you never ever thought you would. and it feels, it rarely judges.

i judged khushi. but asr saw her with a lover's eyes and read something deeper, more worth treasuring than the obvious take of... she is wrong. his anger had already said that to her. he possibly realised he just did not like hurting her... even though what she did was not really right.

"waise toh hume bhi aapse maafi mangni chahiye... " i should also apologise to you, begins khushi. i think, yes, you should and please tell him you shouldn't have done what you did. but the lover cuts her short... "di khush hai and that's all that matters."

di is happy, he says in a crisp cool voice, and that's all that matters. his other love, his di... anything for her too and all the forgiveness in the world.

there's a largeness and breadth to this character and a cutting to the chase, an action orientation, he's a fairly quick thinker, he can see beyond the obvious and he is a man who likes pace... lingering unnecessarily over things is not his way at all.

thanks, khushi... killer delivery. i gasped and tried to hit someone for writing such nonsense, but barun sobti had already made sense of it. evolved loving, what could be more beautiful... well maybe a hot and handsome man in black against grey, smiling ever so slightly.

one had to kiss him. so of course she did. loved the shot, the gradual moving toward each other, electricity in the air.

bua ji had to call just then...

he quips, "ek baar agar main tumhara haath chhor diya toh fir nahin pakdunga..." if i let go of your hand once i shan't hold it again. where is all this coming from, was another path being explored?

"khushi, neeche chalein..." shall we go downstairs. cuuute.

actually, the thing that i liked in this episode was the body language of two lovers. when script failed them, they showed with their stance and physical rhythm the growth in their relationship. khushi's haq is sure and quite demanding now, his give is gorgeous, but that doesn't mean his anger has abated, but loving or raging, his need and love are clear, as is his sense of a right over her. the way he cradles her, that hand over her head, the knowing smile... and her need so apparent in the head buried in his chest, eyes shut, longing writ large on face.

again thanks? i am getting ready to yell at asr despite my love, when he says, smoothly... but the fire streaking behind the smoothness scorches me.

"mujhe ussme zara sa bhi vishwas nahin hai..." i don't trust him at all. thank g for that. he has to share his belief with khushi while accepting her act. not so that he can say, i told you so later, but because she is his patni and really finally at last there is one person he can open up to.

she is touched by what he said i think.

it was a crucial moment somehow i thought.

khushi, main promise karta hoon, tum aur main... hamesha na? always...

khushi, i promise that you and i... always right?... always.

slightly obvious writing, but that "always" smooth swift asr has me in a state.

beautiful music. i often wondered how they matched the background score so perfectly. did they play the music while shooting to get the timing right...

that happy lovely walk by the man, introspecting.. in his own world laad gov asr at last he has a chance at happiness.

i have no idea why the shyam dadi scene was inserted there. so asr is so stupid that he'll stand where shyam can see his reflection? what.ever.

khushi is progressively more flaky. a girl being nervous on her haldi day, khushi especially, is understandable, can even be very cute and would have been too, if the premise was right. in a "remarriage" where sheknows him this well.. where she has just gone and fought with him, demanded he understand, kissed him, said hamehsa na... suddenly this volte face. not really endearing. quite a strain to watch.

he wakes up smiles sweetly, happy boy there.  i feel for asr, has he ever smiled like that in the morning lying in bed?

then some meaningless stuff about ring and things and they are going to surprise the guptas by shifting haldi there? how unthinking is that and how silly is the writing.

khushi's haldi look was definitely inspired by the bengali gaaye holud look, at least when i got married, we still wore white saree with red border, handloom, garland of flowers, maybe even a couple of other flower ornaments and actually the saree comes from the bride groom's house along with the things they wish to gift the bride. it's a clean fresh look.

sanaya was pretty in white and red but there was something not natural about her persona any more, the make up too hard, the saree not really a saree, more a costume. wish they'd give real ethnic dressing a try sometime in these gaudy serials. one of the best things about diwali was that khushi wore something one might have in real life, including the dainty costume jewellery, given she is not from a wealthy family... the whole feel was natural and beautiful.

everyone is in white for haldi and there's a bright cheerful indian wedding air at the guptas. nani ji looks gracious and almost makes me believe people actually do such things, just land up at the girl's house for a rasam.

nk says, "so aaj ke liye main hi nannav hoon." he is arnav for the day. again i think, was some other story being considered?

"'scuse me?" arrives, i must die a bit. he is wearing a not very cool white kurta but he is looking so male, so ready to... what? i am a mess.

body language this episode, i must say again, was something else.

i guffawed at that swift salman khan at crossing come back. way back he'd sometimes tease di... nirupa roy... the only light moments he had perhaps. only one person with whom he could let his guard down, be a 26 year old. but even with her, certain things were not to be shown or shared. now he has khushi, the girl without whom he can't live, maybe that's why he can laugh with her. 

"lakshmi nagar ke signal pe khada hoke tumhara wait kar raha hai.. jao jake shadi kar lo," nice dialogue... that go get married to him intrigues me. starting with if i leave your hand... there have been several things said that seem to hint at a story a little different from what we saw.

and while i absolutely loved the moments of khushi asr at the end. his bristling, grazing heat, her slightly tremulous but no less aroused fire... i did think that dialogue about his love needing no proof was meant to be part of  something coming up. but that didn't happen. and minus that it just seemed like a hero type, seetee baja dialogue. asr gets angry, but he rarely says hero sounding stuff. shut up would have been enough here. and then maybe a kiss... on her earlobe, because he just needs her so much... but he will wait.

even khushi's dialogues that lead up to the proof words are lame really.

kyunki aap humse pyaar nahin karte... because you don't love me.

really? subah paper mein aya tha?... really? was it in the newspaper this morning?

she insists. he gets angry.

"don't you dare say that again... mere pyaar ko kissi saboot ki zaroorat nahin hai..." my love doesn't need any proof whatsoever.

she quickly apologises.

lots of rabba vey.

i look at the words again. nah... there was another story.


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