Tuesday, 27 September 2016

episode 294 where has all the ipk gone

"wow khushi kumari gupta singh raizada ko sharmana bhi aata hai."

okay, let's see, how low, almost guttural, husky, playful and heady with desire can you make your voice. actually, no need, we are passing out anyway.

i am missing my regular ipk watching and writing fix. so today am determined to do a short one if need be, without edits if that's what tricky computer i can't figure out wants (thankfully, the comp decided to let me make some edits later), a really quick one if that's what the packed sched will allow... but write i will... it's diwali and this is my treat.

happy diwali, everyone. can't say that slanting play of lips by the diabetic was a bad thing to start diwali on. mithai most perfect.

"khushi, it's high time ki main tumhari taraf aaon, toh tum peechhe jana band kar do... in fact, tumhe mere saath aagey badna seekhna hoga..."
high time you stopped walking backwards he says to his wife, as a signature backward-forward steps thing gets going... there by the poolside where it's always romantic and somehow just right. she looks up startled, she did not see his pause and sharp look as she started taking steps back almost by force of habit.

now while i don't think a woman needs a man to "save" her or make her better in any way, and any hint of a i know better and let me teach you guy gets me angry and hissy, this i felt was absolutely lovely... these are the little things that are not so little, that make the character of asr very significant for me. he in no way wants a seven steps behind companion. he wants the woman in his life to be his equal... not a cent less. actually, his attitude to women is utterly refreshing and i do absolutely thrill to that. not even a trace of that patriarchy that is in the dna of our world. and no disrespect for the woman. yes, he can be overbearing at times, a bit over protective, sometimes a little supercilious about ha i know the real world and you don't... but that makes him human, and cute. especially because you know, if you prove him wrong he'll be pretty happy and downright proud of you, uff that "khushi kumari gupta singh raizada," in the godown surrounded by lallan and his not merry men.. there is no need in this character to have clingy people around him, just so he can feel mighty and strong.

however, he is clingworthy i must say and me forever klingon. 


mere saath agey... with me take steps forward... that sense of being part of each other's lives, of growing together... said simply, that sentence doesn't sound thick and heavy, just lovely. the matter of fact way of speaking asr has was just so right on those words.

and barun sobti and sanaya irani surely did the sweetest little nonverbal utterly man woman communication during this interlude. little looks, lids up down, smile coming and leaving before making an entry, an eyebrow about to rise but the eye dashes up then the lip lifts instead, a foot here, a shoulder turning, startled eyes, knowing eyes, the shyest smile, the most loving gaze, look, look, look once more... the seconds ticked by, i wished this would go on and on some more.


1:34 reads the counter...

and i have already written so much?

she looked back before leaving. did she understand why he did what he did? he said to himself, that's what i wanted, that you should smile once. i can't blame him, she has been looking most unlike herself with that morose sad expression past few episodes.

couldn't help wondering, so asr, you take care of everyone's smile... who takes care of yours?

there is a solitariness in the character of this man that is peculiarly touching. i think it is in his being, a part of him. it makes him who he is. even the way he takes charge of his life shows it, without leaning on anyone, without opening certain parts of himself. an "alone" in him that makes him strong and makes him vulnerable, double edged this way of being.

and who is this new hari prakash ji?

ah, the form changing hp... there is more to the forest of peace and its denizens including gust of wind, poolside, curtains, etc., than mere science will ever be able to explain.

i tried my level best to watch the next bit objectively, but could not.

did khushi just tell anjali that she must forget shyam ji, and it was her beeta hua kal? her yesterday? every word khushi spoke sounded off, wrong, and not appropriate to me... to the point of being objectionable and insensitive.

that she came into the room, i would still have understood... that's khushi... fools rush in attitude coming from her clean good caring nature, she can't bear to think of di hungry and wants to help... wants to soothe, wants to love.


but what's with the talk? di must instantly forget everything and start being happy because otherwise arnav ji feels bad? huh? and it's all khushi's fault so be mad at me? a bit me centric wasn't that? the woman has just seen her beloved husband being thrown out of the house, she is strangely obsessed with her husband... still not clear to khsuhi who understands everything? or even if she doesn't... why all this long lecture?

incompetent writing now happily messing up two characters.

because if khushi is sanctimonious and irritating, anjali is unbearable and selfish and lunatic.

where is that girl's essential fire? where is the woman who tells her bro to be strong the first time we meet her... and leave the past behind? where is the upbeat girl who interferes and organises other people's lives albeit lovingly so you forgive her?

and how mopey is this exactly, sitting on the bed and flipping in slow motion through albums replete with pictures of shyam ji and herself in their happy days? was anjali brought up on a heavy dose of meena kumari movies? and if so, sorry, bland is not the flavour to opt for then... go all the way to broken voiced high drama...

this scene was just so not ipk.

how long does it take to check if di is at home or not? suddenly shantivan has expanded and many minutes of a twenty minute episode must go by pointlessly while everyone runs about yelling di.

in all the drama, i must say i loved the raging asr shouting at the new hp... how could you let her go, why didn't you stop her... i would be exactly in that state...

and i also liked the way he stood by himself, his worry becoming thicker... tinged with fear maybe, a sixth sense. that was a nice touch in direction.

he had to rush out of course to go find his sister... in character. and when he said he would find di not to worry, nani believed him... this time though, she stopped khushi from accompanying him... a poignant reminder of 65, the beautiful episode where brother sister and a girl looking on found their tales getting inextricably intertwined. the episode where nani had commanded chhotey to take khushi bitiya along on that search for anjali while he snarled and hissed.

delhi's auto riskshaws have their unique place in ipk... and so it is that a three wheeler driver came to the raizada mansion demanding his meter charge, just as the most worried, distracted and gorgeous of all raizadas anywhere on earth and the entire universe, his stubble and hair style changing a wee bit in every scene, began to drive out not in a white suv. the gh stay and kidnapping had long lasting effects on the show... the suv never ever returned, except for in shots repeated from stocks.

there was this wonderful ad for timberland back in the eighties or nineties i think, that went, "we stole their land, their buffalo and their women. then we went back for their shoes." here they stole his suv first, the rest would come... slowly, painfully... his gussa, his office... and yes, his woman.

anyway, thanks to the auto man, asr got to know where his sister had traipsed off to.

as for that whole abortion plan. bizarre. violent. what happened to the god fearing thaal wielding anjali? how does this fit in with all her faith, belief, and ideas of piety? ah never mind. it was perhaps a sign of things to come, somebody didn't like babies obviously.

and alas, looks like they have stolen his sister already.



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