Monday, 19 September 2016

episode 340 shut up and sorry

practically nothing felt right about the episode. apart from maybe asr's first "shut up" to khushi.

a lot of things happened. these days episodes are really packed with stuff but everything feels a little forced. even the cute exchanges between asr and khushi. today i think i laughed only when manorama came charging up with coconuts to fix her fave nephew's mood.

that playing and making silly jokes at wedding time feels so familiar, even if slightly nauseating but well, our weddings aren't quite complete without it.

the rap between utkarsha naik and barun sobti is pretty neat too. he has that slightly shocked air around his gold infested relative and she is only indulgent and loving toward her super successful neph. and though of course you can't convince asr that he has to break a coconut on khushi's head for something or the other, their vibe was so funny, i did giggle.

"bachelorwa hello hi aur marriagewa bye bye!" and soon after that "rich one" for ritual and that irritated incredulous "rich one?!!" from asr. rather nice.

"ye sab kya ho raha hai..." what's all this. his voice gets me as he addresses everyone, "maine kab kaha ki main shadi tod raha hoon..." when did i say i am calling off the wedding. he sounded great and looked fabulous, but the whole thing was too cutesy and why the clear shot of a man with a bald patch from the back? couldn't the director tell that was not asr?

alas, everything else was to use a high falutin' word... meh.

even asr looking gorgeous at the poolside staring at his bride to be. of course the evil sorcerer had move the pool again.

right at the end, that pushing of kkg against the door... that "of course!" yeah she is the biggest deal of his life... i felt a riff of excitement. here is a man, a hot blooded, adult clever funny man with a violent temper and a terrible need to be loved. a man who loves magnificently and without caution. who is already married to this woman... his wife, whom he wants home. in his life, in his bed, by his side every night.

and all around this goofy, bubble gummy natak. what's going on? he said sorry, i knew he would. again it seemed to come right out and hit me. galat. this was not sahi.

but that push against the door. yes, that was asr. i am glad camera and director wanted him to be just him for a bit.

damn the trp.

i said nothing about khushi because one episode at a time they took khushi away from herself. today, i didn't almost recognise her. a slightly hard and brassy so called khushiness. except for that one place at the end where she charged him with her return volley... she too was upset, how could he do that to her. for a few seconds a normal woman... khushi.


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