Saturday, 24 September 2016

episode 344 up the garden path

for once i completely identified with shyam. he had been perplexed by what was going on with garima, he was spying around trying to catch the drift. and he had this glazed look in his eyes as if he understood nothing, till at last he did as dadi named the "woh aurat."

her name was none other that... garima.

i am utterly perplexed, trying to make sense of what i am seeing, convinced there was a "woh story" and it certainly did not lead to the marriage of asr and khushi a few episodes down.

"woh story" had a separation between the two on the cards. there are just too many hint hints of that for it all to have meant nothing.

inbhestigasson kareka padi, i aver and check a few things.

true, jainesh is still lead writer, but by the time wedding takes place, ved raj is back on the helm. this whole period seems to be a quick wrap up that will actually bid farewell to a man and a woman: jainesh the writer and dadi the outsider. 

true, stories change in serials. i remember how we kept seeing nk filming everything during the wedding of payal and akash including jijaji's lecherous moves and then that not featuring at all in any part of story telling.

but this time here there were not only dialogues that spell trouble, there was completely puzzling action.

why would the bride come to the groom's home suddenly after haldi only to play passing the parcel? i thought they were not even supposed to meet. in fact, doesn't haldi usually happen on the day of the wedding?

so why would it happen before sangeet?

and if you remember, they suddenly decided to spring a "surprise" on the guptas on the day of haldi and hold it at their place. really? would anyone do that to the girls' family... they are totally unprepared for this.

could it be that haldi was bunged in later? after the passing the parcel shooting was done? and if so, why? its only use would have been to establish shyam's noticing of garima's discomfort and her looking at the photograph (which is why it would have to be at the guptas'... uff indi bond hello hi bye bye... this is too exciting).

following this there would be shyam's discovery of the woh aurat's name and then the "clever" mixing up of medicines so dadi catches out garima.

i had a feeling while watching haldi, they had decided only around that time to cast garima as the other woman... till then all possibilities were on the table... including khushi's own mother being the lady.

then there was that maa's garden. when did they add that in? obviously a last minute thing which is why all shots of asr and khushi together were done with doubles. khushi's double had the most unkhushi hand.

and in the scene just before that, leading up to them leaving together, asr's hand double was a woman (or a man who likes to keep long nails unlike asr) and the girl whose face he was wiping was totally not khushi. though he, sigh, was he himself and in no mood to look ordinary.

about that getting away with khushi in the middle of a family visit... again not exactly what dulhas and dulhans do especially if they are following all the rituals properly as we are told asr has decided to.

i had a feeling the passing the parcel scene and the one in his room with him pulling her back, were taken at the same time when story was still one of separation. later other scenes in the room and the dadi finding garima scenes were edited in. 

disconcerting shots of khushi holding asr's cheek, her nails red and mehendi on fingers in one shot, next shot, no nail polish, no mehendi, clearly not sanaya's fingers on his cheeks.

then the garden which failed to touch me. the story of maa and plants to pat. and then him saying exactly why he likes to garden. not once, twice... was this asr? was this ipk? we all knew by now those plants connected him to feelings deep within and his mother was the core of these emotions. why must we be told all this?

jainesh has a heavy handed way and subtlety is long gone from narrative. but to have asr tearful almost for nearly ten minutes... what were they thinking?

terribly garbled the whole thing.

as for the dialogues that so plainly spoke of them being torn asunder soon, there was: "karna padega khushi... bharosa nahin hai mujhpe?" you'll have to do it khushi, don't you have faith in me?


"ret ke tarah aapke ungliyo ke beech se nikal jayenge... aur mauqa milte hi itni tezi se bhagenge ki hume aap hume dhoond nahin payenge... samjhe aap?" i'll slip away like sand between the fingers and the moment i get a chance i'll run so fast, you won't be able to find me, d'you understand?
"phir kabhi aisa kahna bhi mat kehna!" don't ever say that! 

"arnav ji?"


later still he asked her if she trusted him.

to me, these are signs of impending mayhem not marriage. 
also, khushi talks about him banging the phone down... which happened way before haldi. or did it happen just the previous evening, when haldi was not yet written in?
alas, shyam had his answer but not me. sherlock holmes or hercule poirot would definitely be needed to get to the bottom of this mystery.

all i could sense was a massive change in the entire story of ipk. and i was sure garima was not the "woh aurat" the original storyteller had in mind.

a most disturbing episode, i kept feeling yanked around, a moustache drawn on my upper lip, eyes blindfolded.


~ barun sobti smiled as he looked down and then khushi spoke of disappearing like sand... did you see how the expression changed? gorgeous.

~  mami and bua dancing away in the background while shyam stalked garima, something crazy and cute there. "arre chaliye, nandkissore!" said mami, "arre, hello hi bye bye, kahan chale?" replied bua ji... the adversaries in a chummy mood... was a nice moment.

~ who goes and yells at someone like that after a tragedy. why is dadi written so badly? and she slapped garima? how bizarre... really a very ekta feel to all that is going on.

asr said, "tumhe yahan laane ka matlab hai ki hum ek ho gaye... tum aaj se meri patni ho... meri maa ki bahu." the significance of bringing you here today is that we are now one... you are my wife from today... my mother's daughter in law.

huh? asr, amnesia? this is your "legally wedded wife" remember?

something very thick and soggy in that statement, also it seems to say, the marriage won't take place.
why that "arnav" from khushi after that?
maybe i should hire shyam to crack all the puzzles.


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