Saturday, 24 September 2016

episode 73 juice is good for you

and the games continue. after the mishri manoeuvre of episode 72, today it's the double jeopardy of joooice (aka juice) and jalebi bai (currently the number one ringtone chosen by delhi tycoons).

when the man couldn't get to his office thanks to an suv engine that wouldn't start, and a young woman who couldn't stop grinning, he decided to have his important business meeting at home.

home? but that is where the hate is. aha.

when planning offence, keep eyes and ears sharp. opportunity lurks in hidden corners. no one needs to teach miss kkg that. her brain whizzed around looking for a plan, and in the laad g's room when she noticed his phone lying on the bed and remembered he had dared to throw her out of the car, the "hume gaadi se utara" gussa got going (yes, the dear girl has her share of the angry monsters, he hasn't cornered the market, despite best efforts it would appear, tsk tsk asr). in seconds, the plan was actioned.

the results of course had all rofling. poor man. even i, his devoted elderly fan was giggling and imagining the embarrassment of a haughty looking tycoon who moments before was looking coolly at someone whose phone rang during the meeting, imparting advice in business like tone. then... dhing chak dhing chak ho jalebi bai, ho jalebi bai.

that post this, erm interruption, they took his "after that, we're in business," seriously must be having something to do with this man's hotness, looks like we are not the only ones smitten with our thin and edgy tycoonwa.

but, oh to live that down. he was furious. he stormed to the living area. grimly asked, who called him. nani was quick to point out, ms kassyap might have many answers since she has been noticed around his room deep in the night. demand as he might, he doesn't get any real answers. and then, of all people di asks him to take it easy. everyone is having such a laugh, can't blame them. one doesn't get a chance to laugh their heads off at the seriously angry young man they live with, so too much of an opportunity to miss i guess.

mami ji's "yeh chitrahaar kahaan se start hui gawa," referring to the hindi film song based television programme of the seventies and eighties, was a scream.

but my ultimate vote went to the clipped, "it's not funny" from our dear asr. sometimes all you need is to hear the voice to faint.

to give us a break from ROFL, director and sanaka deviced a sweet little meeting between akashji and payalji. and suddenly, no rancour, no gussa, no grinding teeth and flaming passion, and hurling insults. instead it's all sweetness and er, hum, woh, ji?, ji! lau. good to know that falling in love will not always necessitate battle and scar.

and on we move to squelch squelch squelch. busy man on the phone, completely misses the wet stuff flooding his shoes, and it's only when he sees his whole family staring that he realises something was amiss. jai prakash, the victorious one throws light on the substance in question.

it's juice.

"mango juice," knows the wise one. but what he has no idea of is how much all at home will enjoy his discomfort. awful reminders of childhood habit from di (how could you), giggles and saucy ones from mami, "joota itna angriyake pehne ki joota ka jooce hi nikal gaya," wore teh shoe so angrily that it took out it's juice. really. la was laughing, and that irritating khushi couldn't control her smirk. how dare she, smirking is his domain, his territory. then finally, et tu nani. really this was too much. 

"very funny," on a huff and he stalks off.

wonderful comic acting as always from sanaya, but today the whole gang was rather good, including the straight faced jai prakash. and the completely loopy in love akash, with able support from a gentle breezy payal.

on the heightened note of "strange" that the week commanded, there was la taking charge of lakshmi to show nani her goatwa love, on advise from her consiligeri mami (anyone remember consigliere from godfather, hmmm a fab tom hagen, mano raizada giving him tough competition). so started the la la land chapter within the khushi-believe-it-or-not game arcade.

there was also the rather cute tete a tete between khushi and la on the hot topic of shaadi. everything doesn't stop at shaadi as la says, but starts there. have to say, loved this chat between two girls from different world's, each convinced in her way about her pov. of course, poor la will not be allowed by the determined miss sanka to hold on to her views for long, tricks that hit home will be used to make the canny la rethink strategy. but this scene had a sassy girl thing to it i liked.

akash walked in confused and and sillified in pyaar, but sauntering into bhai's room reported that the mechanic had found mishri in the tank. there stood bhai, mishri in hand, looking at his wet shoes and the mango juice on the table, wondering how said juice got into shoe, when this info sparked his dimaag ki batti into full action. he remembered sighting madam here there everywhere and a certain expression on her face. then her voice, gleefully informing mami that it's "mango juice, mami, aap lenge," as he walked away from the mirth at his expense table.

the dots connect.

the man was ignited. "khushi kumari gupta..." through clenched teeth, (i died), no one else could have thought of such small minded things, wait till i catch you, this time i won't let you forget your aukat lesson. harumppph.

74 skidding at us, all jazzed up with thief of lucknow action. watch out.


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