Saturday, 24 September 2016

episode 345 a spoonful of sanak

right at the end, he said, "sanki ho tum, you're really mad!"

there was a note of love and indulgence and joy in it.  

"lekin ek baat boloon? main bhi bahut khush hoon..."
but shall i tell you something, he continued, i am also very happy.

she shot back with a loopy look, "issliye toh hum itna dar rahe hain... laad governor ke muskoorahat dekhkar."

that's why i am so scared... looking at laad governor's smile.

laad governor's smile.

in that simple single interaction after an entire episode of unnecessary drama and inelegant storytelling, there was the essential story of iss pyaar ko... of one arnav singh raizada who met a strange ladki called khushi kumari gupta one unmarked evening of their lives. and how she made those opaque, blank eyes catch fire... smile. 

and then how that smile made her want to go a little more sanki.

the design thrills me. because it's simple smart and powerful.. and by touching on it every now and then, even amid all sorts of silliness, it keeps us anchored and makes us smile. not just that khadoos laad governor.

i love the fact that khushi's sanak is an essential ingredient of this story, not just something added on to make a tv lead more cutesy, more sweet innocent girl like. if khushi didn't have sanak... how would she cut through the dark despair that hardens asr's heart.

a heart in fact more loving than most, and aching and hiding behind gussa and paisa and power talk.

there's an elemental note here. ice and fire, rock and water, earth and wind. of things inherent in a structure, a person... that naturally interacts with the other... it cuts through... it cleaves and joins.

her reply also reflected that integral and specific connection, their framework of pyaar. what she says she is scared of, actually thrills her... khushi was always a girl who thought differently, felt not only the prescribed things... she couldn't get this laad governor out of her mind from day one... and the more he raged and insulted, the more she was drawn to him... she dreamt of him. she obsessed about him... she couldn't leave him. for perhaps the sanak needed to find its true meaning, its destiny... after all, she did believe in that and so it led her here. here to that impregnable wall of gussa, one that her fluid sanki mind just wanted to break through... even if she didn't know why.

and when her ways and who she was released a heart from this hard rigid place and felt its beauty, she perhaps knew a sense of homecoming she never had known...

i am rambling.

what i mean is simply, the two characters have traits that seem aligned perfectly. they fit into each other and create something beautiful.

every love story is different. the two people who are in it make it what it is. the powerful stories have this sense of one igniting the other's very being in them... 

i feel the writers really got their key to the story right... whether by design or chance i don't know... but without sanka and gussa this story would not have been half what it is no matter how gorgeous the protagonists.

i was pretty irritated with all that went on on before this. shyam lurked. dadi said, "yeh shadi nahin hogi!" this wedding shall not happen... a la seventies' hindi movies. garima quaked. the oblivious family played dumb charade. dadi paced. shyam lurked and gave slanted smiles (please, only one man knows how to slant them lips, so stop doing that). dadi paced. there was bekhabar besabar talk as all gathered in the hall, sabar being patience, i guess more hints that asr will have to patient as in perhaps the wedding won't take place... dadi did ekta serial style entry and slo-moed to  khushi. she caught hold of her hand and wrenched it off asr's. all looked shocked/surprised/scared (has ekta ever considered trademarking this face by face reaction shots format? it's really bad and needs to be annotated).

laad gov looked dishy (okay this i did like).

then dadi did one more ekta twist. she gave the ancestral kangans to khushi and welcomed her to the family. i wanted to scream, who stole the creative spirit of ipk writers... i want to set dadi after them.

but really. no need to think of all that. not when asr's eyes get so lit up and whizzy and sanka devi whirls around and runs off after delivering her punch line. yay, it's her and no double. asr, you be in trouble.

(petty rhyme needed at this moment, milord, samjhe aap.)



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