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episode 291 time for a four-letter word

"chhoti hain... man kaccha... kuchh bhi soch leta."

she's young... her mind is tender... imagines anything.

a slew of words slowly getting more and more disgusting and dripping with insinuation came from shyam. as everyone stood and looked more and more shocked.

he pranced around, charging anyone who questioned him. payal and khushi were reduced to a couple of scheming sisters from less wealthy homes who were out to snare rich boys and wreck their homes, some barbaad making plan apparently. no one asked why they should marry into wealth only to destroy everything. khushi apparently was out of control in her desire for shyam and just to stave her off and keep the happiness and peace of the home, hai re nand kissore, the sweet man, helpless too, had signed on the papers that said he is divorcing his one and only heartthrob, raanisahiba.

okay, plenty drama right through the episode. a sense of a typical loud hindi serial brewed. i tried my level best to push off that feeling and watched for every little thing. maybe something would touch me... take me to the place ipk often does.

nah... nothing was good. till much later.

but yeah, i could see more of  the asr man today, not just his not really double. and he just looked so much into the tension of the moment... and magnificent in banyan most filthy, that i gawked at him...

but even i could not understand how he kept quiet after the disgusting... man kaccha hai dialogue.

this is a man who slapped a business associate because he had mentioned hsi mother's name in vain... the man who had snapped a girl's dori because she had said what if your sister went through this kind of thing, her marriage broke too on her wedding night?... this was their first meeting and he not really the type to go about snapping strings... but mention his mother or sister in a way not respectful, and you've had it.

now a complete liar and cheat and transgressor of all propriety hurls insult after insult upon his wife, and he stands there quiet. supposedly concerned about his sis, so not saying anything.





oh and seems khushi ji was giving "tarah tarah ke ishare" to shyam, was indulging in loads of "giri hui harkate", she had crossed all "hadein".

"bas ho gaya!"

well, one voice spoke up. the elder sister.

a moving dialogue, "yeh parivar toh ussi din toot jata jisdin inko aapki poori asliyat pata chalti" this family would have broken that day itself the day the truth about shyam came out. they had kept quiet because they loved di so much. she moves up to anjali. deepali always had potential, a graceful and deep feel to her portrayal of payal. so wish they had thought her role through.

this whole drama has by now become all about anjali.

khushi is just there, a raving screaming helpless girl... no one to turn around and say, no. she is not like that.

not even nani? not even once?

what sort of writing was this?

the paying guest story came out and was trashed, as was the engagement story, khushi rushed to di and said she never wanted all this to come out. at one level i can believe that... she knew exactly where the revelation would lead to.

or did she?

funny, isn't it? the truth khushi tried so hard to hide thinking it will destroy di's faith and her happiness, when it did get revealed, not quite what khushi had expected happened.

di clung on to her illusion even tighter.

when di had practically swooned earlier, asr had moved... swiftly as is his wont... and said, let's talk about this later and tried to walk away with her.

that felt strange too. leaving khushi alone, he walks off. wouldn't he have turned to khushi at that point and said, get some water treating her almost like a part of himself, depending on his patni... and directed payal to organise the pillows in di's room or something? uff, i remembered him putting on her seatbelt the day they went looking for di before rakhi... the girl he had screamed get ooout to and then gone and insulted with wads of notes... her seatbelt.

but now just saunter off leaving khushi with at this dangerous crossroads?

"nahin, saaley sahab..." shyam had roared, and insisted all shall be resolved now.

a moment of extreme anger and control on asr's face then, had me hyperventilating of course.

back to shyam. when he accused payal of keeping quiet because she was getting married into such a "bade parivar", i was a bit what the.

so what was this? was shyam admitting that something indeed had happened?

it is all taken to frenzy with shyam saying khushi is a mental case with
"ghatiya dimagi bimari."

at last, khushi tries valiantly again, "jhoot... sab jhoot!"  she exclaims and speaks of her "nafrat" for shyam, turning to asr.

oh that seems to really get shyam... cut him somewhere despite his wild remorseless treatment of the woman he supposedly loves.

ha, classic cretin problem. can't handle rejection.

the nastiness scales an ignominious pinnacle. why, he asks, if she indeed hates him so much, does she come to his room all the time? ugh. he brings up kheer, her saying she is lonely, and then how she had said she wants to destroy asr.

had she or not?

nk speaks up now, khushi was lying to you so she can find her way to asr.
family watches everything... absolutely hindi serial style.

the biggest loss post kidnap: the spirit and body language of ipk. oh it was entrenched enough to fight out of the darkness and show itself from time to time, especially when asr and khushi were on screen, but as a show definitely a permanent damage had been sustained in some unseen, unknown battle.

and sorry, i don't think it was just a trp issue. something else was there. and just as we'll never know the back story of shyam, we'll never get any clarity on this behind the scenes story either. 

look at the situation, shyam is now telling nk he is an innocent, "arrey agar hum isse bach nahin paaye toh aap kya cheez hain", if i coiuldn't save myself from her, what are you...

and asr is still quiet..

"hum sabko apne aagey peechhe nachana chahti hain," she wants us all to dance to her tune... so khushi is now the femme faale and asr the man without a shut up or a dammit.

the drama is pushed up higher...

"haan humne kaha tha!" yes, i said that, khushi shouts. "aapka vishwas jeetne ke liye." to win your trust. again she turns to di... i did all this to save arnav ji. shyam accuses her... aap apne dil ko bachane ke liye... you did it to save your heart and there's no place for you in my heart.

"arnav ji, humey vishwas kijiye," khushi turns to asr.
why? why should she be given this to say? ridiculous after that clifftop really.

shyam calls her opportunist... why is everyone so still i keep thinking.

"arnav ji, aap ko hum pe vishwas karna hi hoga," you have to believe me, i liked the have to... her right.

shyam calls her "makkar", "giri hui"... "apne jeeja pe dorey bhi daal sakti hain"... she can lure her own brother in law, icky filthy allegations. she is out to destroy the family...

okay, asr showed reaction but di was fainting, so he held back.

and nk kept quiet this time round?

and finally finally finally, the writers' precious dialogue about i have no proof but look into my eyes got said. tiring, really. why must a fabulous story of love start sounding like a little short story, pithy and too pretty? this is the story where the hero hurtles heroine to a self styled wedding because she is a home wrecker but he can't let her go and she hates him but she can't stop loving him as he destroys her dreams... this is a story where things get so ugly at times that you know it's all absolutely utterly flawlessly beautiful...

why this collapsing of scale suddenly?

"arnav ji, bas ekbaar hamari aankhon mein dhyan se dekhiye aur fir faisla kijiye ki kya sach hai aur kya jhoot..."

music in.

asr starts walking up.

tak tak taktaktak tak takatak... asr's signature tune drum roll.

i am feeling suddenly like the people in the cheap seats ready to whistle and hurl coins... my man moves.

he looks at her... eyes slide slowly to shyam. that asr eye slide, okay?

shyam wonders if he has won.


first slap.

all look shocked, offering a series of predictable expressions to camera...  very very hindi ekta ishtyle serial.

"yeh meri di ko dhoka dene ke liye," this is for cheating on my sis. low low lethal vocal chord work.


"aur yeh meri patni se badtameezi karne ke liye..." and this is for being ill mannered, with my wife. meri patni... i felt good.

and how delicate that choice of word... badtameezi... he turns off the lantern to shield her from even his own gaze, he will not use words of a certain ugliness if they are to be associated with her.

which is why he will not stand there like a helpless idiot while his wife's name is being slandered. heck, her character is being slain.. one might even say violated, mauled. he would have asked mami to take care of di and bashed the guy up way back.

"ye dono insaan meri zidagi mein sabse zyada important hain... aur tumne in dono ko dukh pahunchane ki galati ki hai!" the two most important people in his life... what a moment in story. he says it... the man with dark inert eyes, who had held on to just one relationship to stay focussed on life... to withstand the sledgehammer blow life dealt and prevail, today has added a person to his rather short least of imp people... ready at last perhaps... to live. all the way.

i know i am not making much sense. but that addition of another imp person... a huge huge story in asr's life. that is what perhaps changes his demeanour post return from kidnap. at last a man who wants to be happy, not just for di... but for himself. who is claiming back his right to be happy, feel things, who will say at last, aur main? because he does want to matter to her, like hell and he wants her for himself.

i want to slap shyam once more for good measure, this is too delightful a moment not to partake of some pleasure.

"raanisahiba...," whimpers shyam.

"no..." full dilli amriki accent asr. hayeee, sohara, i know this is not an american accent, but oh it's delightful... an accent grabbed and owned by a young man edgily, coolly and aggressively.

yes... you are back finally, arnav singh raizada. welcome home.

"not any more..." r rolling yes, yes.

"out of this house... i said, get out... main tumhe iss ghar ko aur dukh nahin dene doonga," he is hauling shyam out.

"akash... i said call the damn secutity now!" he orders akash to get something done, as he often does with people around him, taking charge of a situation. so irritating and so cute this hollering out to the rest... laad governor he is. he definitely would have called out, "khushi, get soem water..." as he led his dear sister away, and also, "payal... pillows dekho theek hain ki nahin di ke bed par..., come, di!"

as asr came on, and despite the extreme drama that ensued, suddenly that gooey desperate soap feeling of the episode left, scurrying out before asr caught it be the collar and threw it out. something about barun sobti's acting... always a touch of a classic no nonsense in it. a thousand rabba ve moments he could keep looking fresh and non corny... even while thinking perhaps as barun, it is corny; but as actor, always finding a solution.

how terribly non-soapy is asr, is barun. asr somehow is never restricted by these sets, by the tenor of the genre, nothing. always in his own space, his own domain.

shyam is all soap, so is abhaas. khushi too, but sanaya struggles not to give in.

"mujhe yeh insaan ghar ke bahar chahiye... abhi!"

let me listen to that voice say harsh things now and forever.

no asr did not do though all he could have done. we thought there would be more to come, touched by asr shatirness, the makers thought otherwise. they even took away his office from him, almost. and yet, for about one hundred episodes two actors did all they could to keep it all alive.

big salaams to both.


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