Sunday, 18 September 2016

episde 122 design notes

part 2

a short one on episode design. there were three elements essentially here. the story of asr and khushi now gathering in maa and sukoon. the story of payal and akash into the next step. and a shot of a little boy who leads payal to her paramour.

as i watched, i wondered why a little boy suddenly. but later had a feeling, not suddenly, pointedly and deliberately. just after asr asked khushi in almost a child's way: simple, trusting, seeking an uncomplicated answer... "toh kya woh sach mein taarey ban jaatey hain," we cut to a door opening, payal's puzzled face, and a hand slipping trustingly into hers... a little sweet faced boy with the regal bearing of the young who's king of his castle is before us.

i felt it was great use of film language. it was time to cue an innocent boy and splice it with the image of an impatient arrogant young man, and seek him a bit deeper than what the eye sees.

otherwise, what was the use of that boy, could have been anybody... even happyji, after all akash knows the man.

the scene of payal and akash, lovely, lit, with endearing awkwardness, while very much part of this couple's journey, was also designed to enhance the story of asr and khushi. akash's tenderly chosen presents, reminder of their meetings... asr's array of gifts to khushi on rakhi next year when he finally manages to bring her home and is determined to win her love... curiously similar.

but even more relevant akash's words.

"main dhoop hoon toh aap, toh aap chaon
main samundar hoon toh aap kinaara
aap phool ho toh main bahwara"

sounds terrible, but in a way that's asr and khushi are to each other... parts of nature meant to be together.

straight after, we see khushi ask asr, "aap theek toh hai na?" and he follows her with his eyes till she is gone, we hear akash say: sometimes looking at someone you feel you have janmon ka rishta, we get attracted to them... you know them from another life almost.

the importance of the first meeting is elaborated by akash. he and payal had a different sort of pahli mulaqat, but a sense of "i know you", that cut through i mentioned a while ago, was there too, as it was in asr and khushi's chaotic evening in sheeshmahal.

then akash's key words... feels as though you can't live without them...

"aisa lagta hai ki uske bina jee nahin paayenge... jaise main nahin jee paaoonga apke bina... payal ji, mujhe aapse pyaar ho gaya." wind rising.

some day asr will say exactly that to khushi... main tumhare bina jee naheen paaoonga... promise me, you'll never leave me.

and of course he will say... khushi... i love you. and we saw that exactly a year ago, tonight.

both stories had their share of dupatta. and the dupattas seemed to know the sort of love they were meant to portray. none of the wildness of khushi's doops in payal's demure ones.

no wastage, no unnecessary or gratuitous parts to screenplay and design. everything fits, melds, enhances, delights. despite all the haphazardness of creating serials, the writers and other creatives managed to stay true to many key ideas of good writing and creation. i really appreciate that.

and so, when into a narrative like this, in walks bubli or masala mama or meaningless kidnap or inexplicable gaps in character, or sheetal/mrs india track, it is bound to hurt, isn't it.

episode 122 the khanak of you / part 1 


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