Wednesday, 21 September 2016

episode 343 what cheek

"see how she leans her cheek upon her hand.
o, that i were a glove upon that hand
that i might touch that cheek!"
~  shakespeare, romeo and juliet   ~

romeo might have pined from a distance upon seeing his love and wishing to touch her on her tender cheek, arnav singh raizada was having none of all that sighing from afar though. he made sure he got some time alone with her. and he went near. very very ear.

in an episode where practically everything felt infantile, just a few minutes sparkled with a fabulous portrayal of desire. nothing silly or coy about it. an adult, deep, breath stopping, ear heating feeling between a man and a woman. i don't think television has ever seen such a keen delineation of this elemental thing. i at least haven't.

can't remember if ever i have been in a state watching a man and a woman just messing about, getting closer, playing like kittens, a stalking of big cats in their body language. and also a terribly deep emotion. which adds something ethereal, innocent, pristine to this voluptuous longing, this assault of needing.

khushi was a giggly girl or trying to be one, but arnav singh raizada wouldn't let her be, his every move called out to the woman in her, the one who wants, oh so wants him.

why i wonder, must women's desire for their men be so carefully guarded. what would happen if she showed her feelings? will society fall apart?

they had haldi, paste of turmeric, wheat, and more all over their body. that in itself added a layer, a sensuality... then he started wanting to be where a grown man with a wife would want to be... in her arms, close to her... perhaps all this putting of turmeric paste on both their bodies had aroused him, he not too concerned with the meaning of the ritual, just watching her rapt as she got haldi all over.

she was disconcerted, so she hid behind explanations of customs... but would he let her be?

oh no... say, first you have to put the paste on the feet then the...
and he'll cut in with the huskiest, most intimate murmur of, "jaanta hoon... pehle pair..."

hey hey heyheyhey will the music go and my breath will start grazing against my epiglottis. the whole tone of the scene will change in an instant.

"phir haath... phir kandhe (voice opening out and falling away to a whisper even as my stomach crashed to my toes) phir sar..."

i know... first the feet... then the hands... then shoulders... then head...

she had to turn away then, the growing need and desire too hard to handle

he lifted his gaze and looked at her... something so terribly beautifully grown up in that gaze. really, not too many actors put in this level of emotion and interpretation for a tv hero role.

she had to play with him though, she turned on a mischievous smile and flicked his nose with some haldi that she had taken off her body.

a touch of haldi... a waiting... an arousal... khushi can't deny it...

again she turned and walked away. a question in his gaze... and he followed her. there was something timeless i felt about that walk of him toward her.. drawn and at the same time in command of the moment... choosing to go to her.

i made a vm once which had the words, dil tha sufie... hum chal diye... the heart was sufi and i walked on toward what i had to. words to that effect. i had laid the words over this sequence.


that touching of her back with the back of his fingers, smearing her with haldi. almost intoxicated the look on his face. our television won't allow conventional gestures of desire to be presented, but necessity can be the mother of fab invention. who'd have thought you could do so much with just two people, fully clothed and a bit of haldi paste. the four poster bed suggested intimacy and beauty but gosh the room was supremely pink and tacky... and yet, nothing mattered, just the feeling they were lost in and you were slowly drowning in. 

when he walked almost into her as she backed away, a thrill shot through the frame, through you. and then that bending down of the face, a cheek going closer closer making... contact. and a girl almost taken by that touch. would he stop even then? no, again, on the other side... it's only cheeks rubbing, you think, and a part of you knows, there is nothing "only" about it... it's sublime absolute love making. right there.

he played with her, he said he can't see her face behind all the haldi... so he was following the custom of not seeing the ride post haldi. when she said h had loads of turmeric on him too, he disconcerted her totally with that sexy, kissne lagaya, who put it.

i loved this shot that started right on top and closed in.. just look at them in each other's arms, melding. in sync.

she kept on talking about doing the right thing, her eyes kept on saying something else, her body arched toward him, her breath was scattered.

that desire. that was all.


~ how foolish to they believe the viewer is?

~ so if you have turmeric on your face no one can recognise you? hawk eye dadi didn't see garima beyond the thin layer of yellow, and just in case we didn't get the point, bua ji loudly said even she wouldn't have known garima.

~ why would garima keep a picture from the past in her open cupboard within easy access and run to it and start looking at it with fear raging in her eyes the moment she sees dadi? ah, so we get the point that she was the woh aurat and also so that shyam babua gets to pry and see it all. so at last it has been decided that garima will be the bad girl and oh the rush to tell the tale. so much happened in these twenty minutes.

~ if the girl can't see the boy post haldi, what is khushi doing in asr's house and why are they all playing passing the parcel? what's going on with story telling.

~ also noticing many hints being dropped that suggest asr and khushi's wedding may not go through... earlier he'd spoken of how if he lets go of her hand he won't hold it again. this episode, something about "bharosa nahin hai mujh pe..." don't you have faith in me. i wish serials would get out of the messiness of constant trp battle, never quite sure where they are headed.

never mind.. look at that yellow smeared cheek.



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