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episode 89 would you like a wink

again the darkness. and this time a falling away of the whole world along with it, a departure of even sound. she was plunging into another space, with a single message in it. dhakdhak. heart beat... quickening. 

there's only you and me in this moment. and that deafening sound. where does it come from? i have never heard it before, yet that's all i can hear now. where does it come from. surely not me?

for a clear thought to enter us, sometimes we need all the clutter to be pushed aside first. and when that thought is an axiomatic truth, the world does go away, leaving us alone with it. to see it, feel it, touch it, maybe even understand it. khushi stood in this moment with the only things that mattered. him and her heart beat. traipsing, twirling, speeding, sparked, galvanized. all that mattered, only that mattered.

i couldn't help but recall him leaping over steps, racing toward her to prevent her from falling at the temple on teej day. how she galvanized him. one moment casually talking on the phone, next transfixed, then racing. and so he galvanized her, one moment talking to everyone, next riveted, and then racing inside her being.

this sparking of each other. someone who makes you feel suddenly different, more, alive, could this be love?

creatives had used a not too unique devise to beautiful effect. yesterday an errant tear had alerted her to gadbad. when she should have been happy, she had felt a funny sort of sadness. and then this morning when she'd wondered about her "friend" who was both happy and sad at the presence of a person, from darkness again a suggestion had come that would show light. 

shyam had advised, "apni saheli se kahiye, ki woh dekhen jab woh yeh insaan ke kareeb hoti hain, tab unki dil ki dhadkan kaisi hoti hai... jabhi wo inke samne jaati hai, unka dhadkan tez hota hai kya?"

tell your friend to check her heart beat when she's near this person, when she's close to him, do her heart beats quicken? and if that's the case, it means only one thing. there's gadbad. not possible to translate this word into english i think, i'll settle for "trouble."

lawyer ji had cottoned on to the fact that khushi spoke of herself that morning, but he had no clue that he himself was not the cause of trouble. that man stood here... just as unaware. men.

"yeh kya ho raha yaha...?" the gladiator had glided in, gorgeous in swept back hair style and pullover on shirt, forcing me to be alliterative. "koi na koi problem iss ghar mein hoti hi rahti hai... insaan peacefully kam bhi nahin kar sakta." his voice was abrupt, irritated. what's happening, there's always a problem, no one can work in peace around here.
peace? when you look like that you expect there to be any peace anywhere on earth? khushi... khushi? are you alright? where are you, khushi? and why are you looking so lost? can you hear me? 

dhakdhak dhakdhak dhakdhak dhakdhak dhak... she looked around bemused, people's lips were moving, yet all she could hear was this strange, very strange beat. and then as she turned to look at him, all went dark.

darkness all around, and the darkest creature of the tale, we have both of these to thank for illuminating the moment. though khushi had no idea why her heart beat faster, she knew now it did. aisa kyun hota hai... a beautiful question has found its way into the tale.

shyam brought her the dil ki dhadkan message, anjali told asr about saansey ruk jaaygi, a terrible sadness when you think, two people who knew the signs of love so well, never could have it themselves. if only there were even one redeeming feature in shyam. but c'est la vie.

"chamkili!" huh?! la brings khsuhi out of her bemused reverie.

"gadbad hai?!!" khushi is lost in shyam's warning. "haan, gadbad toh hui hai," yes there's been trouble (problem), avers la in a clever little ipk dialogue play.

the shot of the bowled over khushi was the first indication, and now it became clear, creatives were modulating tone of episode, taking us from a week and more of very intense drama to something lighter, quirky, fun, with an underlying sexiness and romance. it was there in the treatment of the dhak dhak introduction. but now we moved to pure sanak with the living goddess of it.

she niftily pointed toward the cause of trouble, the tulsi pot, and said to nani that the sacred plant was indeed not in its right place but lying there among the other plants. as all onlookers practically passed out at this information, each for her
own reason, and the giver of heart gadbad looked completely uninterested, she turned and said, "arnav ji, aapne paudhe ko wahan kyun rakha?" arnavji, why did you keep the plant there?

his expression went, "whhhaat?" most delightfully i must say, and in danced music, giggly and fun, the signature miss sanaka sound. here a thanks to raju singh, who apparently celebrated his birthday yesterday. ipk wouldn't be ipk without its music. and rabba vey was not the only thing that sticks in the mind. i was not overly fond of a couple of sentimental tracks, but otherwise, cool yet emotional notes. stay with you.

to give the man his due, he tried. he started to refute with a "mei-" but before he could complete his sentence, khushi winked at asr. yes, she did. at asr.

i was nonplussed, so was he. "what the-" almost completed itself through gritted teeth.

with big smile, intervened the nutcase "what nahin...pot... you kept the pot there with the rest of the pots... it's ok ok..."

killing narrowing of eyes.

"i can understand you don't know the difference between that pot and the other pots... happens happens"

mad hand swishing.

everything was moving too fast for the gladiator... he was used to lions, not sanka devi on a high. really, something of obelix after a swig of magic potion, in our khushi after a round of dhakdhak.

"arre! you're still standing here..." and then the command to the man often called the mighty asr, "go and get the pot!"

in reply a smashing double o look.

"that's a place to bathe, the tulsi should be in the temple... remember next time." she has just given asr instructions on minding the tulsi pot. hey dm.

mami, nani, la, all shocked silent spectators.

he is about to burst with with anger, "dekho tum zyada..." see here, you better not-

obelix could never be stopped at such moments, nor our kkg, "theek hai theek hai, aapse galati ho gayi... it's alright, ok, you've made a mistake... nani ji will forgive you... and dm won't mind also.."
di is beginning to get the drift. she always had a special vibe with khushi, and that nuttiness appeals to her too it seems. asr is really a little slow on the uptake today, isn't he? possibly mind already blown looking at the mad woman intruding his thoughts.

"galati aap ne ki aur daant lavanya ji ko pad rahi hai...," khushi, frustrated with his not getting it,  presents the reason for this ruse, dragging la into the frame... you made the mistake but la is getting the scolding...

ah, at last, the man comprehends.

but before he can react, one more wink.


"aur aap ho ke apne galati hi nahin maan rahe ho... kaise insaan hain aap!" and look at you, not owning up, what sort of a person are you?

winking fit.

music in frenzy whirling like the dervish in anticipation of what? nirvana? enlightenment?

"stop!" he rasps, through tightly gritted teeth. ah nirvana it is.

he looks at la, and accepts, yes i kept the plant there by mistake.

everyone is astounded. especially the lady of the winks. as everyone goes their own way, he stands for a moment looking at her. what's in his gaze? dhakdhalk dhakdhak. mercury movement from fun to something gripping.

everything can't be explained. certainly not that about to say something but what backward glance even as he leaves.

sanaya was spectacular and in total sanaka form with a series of expressions as beguiling and nutty as his were hot and hotter.

89 was certainly an episode of expressions. perfectly pitched and timed. and the chemistry of the two was just as sharp in comedy as it is in romance. in fact, even in the midst of situational humour, there was always that awareness, that pull between the two. mark of a real "jodi," no matter what the mood of the moment, the vibe never leaves.

she was about to say something when suddenly her heart began pounding and before you knew it, gladiator was there... di, my laptop charger?

she gazed at him... and inevitably his eyes found her. the sweet beginnings of something here, otherwise that completely ott sound effect of heartbeat would have me turn the tv off. but again the acting, and emoting, how it never failed. the instincts have found each other and got together... now gut heart mind the rest of them start the journey. that tear and his silent long look in the office were perhaps the starting points of this new phase.

she actually rubs her ears... the sound of heart beat in it.

his eyes ask, "what?" almost gentle, quizzical.

"chamkili!"... for the second time la calls her back to reality.

... he is still puzzled by her worried, blown expression, a little eye talk then he leaves. that "unbelievable," "whatever" look in his eyes.

"let a woman in your life and your serenity is through." ~~~ henry higgins in my fair lady by alan jay lerner ~~~
and you sit quietly one afternoon reading the papers. think this is an everyday activity with no excitement in it? fear not. sanka devi is near and wondering about nearness and its effect on her ears, for dhakdhak it is they hear.

from behind him she tiptoes surreptitiously up to him, a scientific experiment is on. and the observation is... dhakdhak dhakdhak.

she runs back.

charges again. she seeks validity, proof beyond doubt. this time he catches sight of her sidling up to him in the reflection on the french windows. he watches utterly puzzled. "what the" says his expression. back she runs. and one more time... he gets up.

one of the finest and most tender yet sexy, funny scenes i've ever seen.

"kya kar rahi ho tum? dimaag kharab ho gaya tumhara?" what are you doing, have you gone mad?

she scoots.

only to peer back from behind the curtain...


then the diligent experimenter comes to her inference... the matlab of it all.

"isska matlab hamara dil uss laad governor ke paas aane se bhi dhadakta hai aur jab hum uss se door jaate hain, tabhi bhi tez dhadakta hai...  matlab koi gadbad nahin hai.. oh and i've kept a vrat... this must be khatti dakare... koi gadbad nahin, in khatti dakaro ke liye... baar baar thank you."

this means my heart pounds fast if i go close to laad gov and also if i move away from him... which means there's no trouble. oh and i've been fasting, this must be acidity and "sour burps," so there's no trouble. oh dm, for my acidity i give you many thanks.

dhakdhak = acidity as in khatti dakar. q.e.d.

stars gleam down on a man with a quest in his eyes...

there's talk of stars and romance, a skeptical asr smiles dismissively, while shyam dares to dream. and shyam who had introduced the idea of dil ki dhadkan that morning, finishes his day's work by mentioning that some people believe those who die become stars.

in a flash asr is transported to a place under the stars, where a girl with tears sparkling in her eyes had told him about her parents, how she believed to this day her parents have become stars in the  firmament. over to the girl, there she sits among her stars, thinking of exactly the same conversation...

while the general air of episode was one of humour and romance, a little yearning too, with touching cut aways to payal feeling terrible about her marriage plans ruining babu ji's health and happiness, there was a scene most vicious and ugly. shyam flung sindoor by the fistful at khushi's picture. felt like filth being thrown on her. like violation taking place. something ominous in it.



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