Sunday, 18 September 2016

episode 120 charade

love, we have often heard is blind. but now it is also dumb. seems, for a change, the deal newly made of not talking to each other will be kept, and the results of that will have us reaching for new words to express hilarious, uproarious, downiright funny, impossibly funny, etc.

directors have decided to go light a couple of episodes, because something big is on its way. a little laughter and not too much thought is what we are to take away from these, i felt. let our guard down, be in a calm state of mind.

ved raj has said earlier that they had no idea humour would work between asr and khushi. but when they realised that barun and sanaya pulled off a mean funny act, it became a natural part of their language, adding range and spectrum to their attraction. i am happy it was never over used, just a bit of it when needed, and delivered oh so perfectly.

they wouldn't talk to each other, but they couldn't bring themselves not to say things to with each other. meaningful exchange is possible without the spoken word. they have long just looked at each pother to say a million things, but now it was time to use other parts of the body and go full force into dumb charade. one word... two parts... first part. 

khushi is trying to tell asr that the time for his meeting has changed, it's brought forward to 12 noon. some of ipk's most rofling moments later, asr hasn't a clue of what khushi's trying to say. she first jumps into his path, stops him, makes faces, he starts "what the-" then remembering the condition of no talk, shuts up and watches her antics. sanaya is flawless in her wild weirdness, how to convey meeting is at 12 without saying it. if anyone is looking for a team mate for charades, may we suggest khushi kumari gupta. barun's expressions as she watches his jhalli babe in action are of course priceless... (they could have used this bit for a neat mastercard priceless commercial). but the best part is there is always an undercurrent of that thing between them. it's just there below the surface, all the time. even when it is all light and funny.

la was a super la right through, silly about certain things, sweet about others, and impossibly duh about the safed jhoot aka jootey, white lie aka shoe. when she said, but your shoes are black to anjali, i thought she'd finally get a whack from her sis in law to be. lovely acting by all, and notice how anjali can merrily tell a lie when she means to have her way. poor mami, just not being able to crack the code the three women have set. the daal is bothering her... what's in it. after seeing the entry of khushi and the subsequent exit of all players from the stage aka living room, the astute mano darling delivers one of her super dialogwas.

"hum toh good girl ke jaisan daal ke baare mein sochat hai, lekin yahan toh poora ka poora menu card ba hi change hui gawa... jhoote ke jootey ban gaye, gabbar thakurke best phrend phorebher ban gaye... humka toh doubt howat hai... hello hi bye bye."
like a good girl i'd thought about the daal, here the whole menu has been changed... lie has become shoe, gabbar has become thakur's best friend forever, i have a doubt, hello hi bye bye.

she needn't doubt, it's a certainty that some game is afoot. and what's more, clever creatives are having fun building up the daal story too. it will of course be served up soon.

speaking of games, one cracking sharp and one downright creepy in this episode.

creepy first. ugh, shyam slimed up to his wife fearing discovery. when she pulled out the jeweler's receipt and almost caught him out, he snatched it from her hand, told a lie, pretty black one, and saved his scaly skin. seeing her gullibility then he really wanted to be certain that she would remain best fool forever and played his deadliest number. you are not hiding anything from me, are you? she asked, first you never told me about polishing the ring, now you say i needn't pick it up... he said yes, he's getting married again.

she looked at him and didn't believe him, and as he wanted collapsed into his arms.

he pushed it a bit more... see when i tell you the truth you don't believe. she went all serious and even more trusting of him.

wish abhaas hadn't bothered with that slimy smile. the impact might have been more chilling. this woman is entirely in his control, he can do what he pleases, she will not doubt him. funny thing is, again and again, her sixth sense warned her and she seemed to notice things, like just now, or the other day at the mandir when shashi ji was looking at them, but every time, her weakness for this man, the notion of that much cherished love that she really wanted in her life, and feared for "n" number of reasons she might not have, that weakness never let her heed the knowing sixth sense, never let her see the truth.

if her brother was broken inside, unable to trust love, she was damaged her own way since that night, desperate for that very fairy tale love which her father's actions had taken away... something that would perhaps make her feel whole again, erase the sense of betrayal and coming apart that  night had brought. otherwise, an intelligent bright woman like her, with a mind of her own and a will too, would she be so easily duped?

the cracking cool game. hari prakash (aw khushi called him op later) takes a message from khushi to asr... the one her charade act had miserably failed to convey. the whole menu changed and a chit of paper became a tome of ram charit manas.
khushi has given it... for me... why? asr is incredulous. but hp is very clear with the instructions: not only has khushi  told asr that he needs to read this it's urgent and essential. what... has khushi gone mad, asr is livid, and going bonkers.

but as hp told khushi later, he was gussa, yet kept whatever he'd sent her. maybe a spot of bedtime reading tonight, asr? the man named after the eternal, taking a book that religious people read with reverence, to the atheist... with clear instructions... read it. ram, the ultimate hero of ancient india, some believe the avatar of lord vishnu... and the atheist, nasty yet noble, villain like yet the real hero. ram, i don't know, give me an asr any day. and my book on the ideal hero? well they turned it into a tv serial it seems. 


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