Wednesday, 21 September 2016

episode 342 through a dupatta emptily

very rarely has it happened that i have seen an entire episode and felt nothing. and when i say felt, ipk has given "feeling" stuff an all new sense almost. so it really bothers me when an episode goes by, i sit there eyes peeled, wanting to catch everything, especially since i know we are going through the lows of ipk, and then i find nothing, not really, that gave me that float of my emotions that only this show has in the longest time.

just for a second maybe around 10:17, as they looked at each other through the blue dupatta and a pointless rabba ve played, did i feel a faint stirring of happiness, but otherwise, this was a drought episode. no water in sight. even the nk bua ji nand kissore play felt forced.

clearly shyam and his unevolved badly written hindi soapish shenanigans kept writers and camera busy. plenty of pointless pauses on his unvarying expression and suddenly he is the one full of talk in his head.

the extent to which we were expected to believe the dadi amma ankh micholi and the former's inability to spot the latter with no one finding garima's obvious quaking and avoiding of the malik elder even slightly strange, required not just suspension of disbelief but also sacking of grey matter.

only shyam only he is shatir... or... is this just bad writing.

why did they have him leching khushi, gawking at her bare legs, this creepiness is supposed to augment trp? how sick is the everyday tv viewer according to the channels.

and that blue dupatta. maybe hrishikesh gandhi was desperate to add some texture to the scenes knowing how static and flat they were, so requested "jugad" and along came someone or the other with the suggestion of a dupatta. after all the doops has always played a fabulous role in getting them to notice each other... this time let's use it to separate them. clever. not uh really.

and while i love asr and barun sobti and will look at him even with his overgrown hair and beard, and sigh... this is asr and please stop making him cute.

write something asr khushi dammit.

that's what i wanted to yell.

if he wants to hold his wife's hand and pull her away to another room, he won't wait to get rid of his cousins... he'd just frown, and rasam done, get up and leave with her.

plus, he is not a baby, the sop of little hugs here and there from his beloved... his legally wedded wife.

what was everyone thinking.

better to show him leaving to go to office straight after haldi... khushi pouting.

yeah, i know that would mean the absolutely fabulous sensuality of 343, the kind of sensual drama and beauty only these two can generate on a small tv screen would also go... i'd rather that than this vague meaningless stuff.

a faint hint of sophistication in the interaction at dadi's little smile, a mere lifting of lips in profile, while putting haldi for grandson and then the off hand touching of the paste to khushi... followed by a look of discomfort and forlornness of khushi's face, and asr's noticing that and giving her a reassuring smile.

i have to say, i did burst out laughing when asr quipped, "nk, tumhare peechhe bua hain... save yourself!" nk, bua is standing behind you, save yourself.

i also noticed barun was trying to add something to all the little scenes knowing it was all pretty empty perhaps. here, when the first bit of haldi is put, he tries to do an asr... a bit wary but willing, watchful. did i love it? no... but i did notice.

cute, but a little pedestrian. give me gotadhari, mojri wielding sankadevi any day with tight churidar and loads of attitude. this constant cutesieness is not my thing, nor khushi kumari gupta's.

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