Tuesday, 6 September 2016

episode 56 she's here

quick thoughts on 56

during puja hour, a grandson seeks out a grandma. he needs her to be her usual self, loving, forgiving, the elder. without her in a state of calm, he knows his sister's anniversary party would just not feel right, no matter how perfect his arrangements. he needs his nani ji to feel like nani ji. otherwise he can't really function well, nor actually, can she.

"main janta hoon hamare ghar ke jo halat..." hesitation??? did asr just sort of hesitate? how sweet. "...hain... i mean... aapke aur mere beech ki jo tension hai." i know the situation at home... i mean... the tension between you and me...

a contrite look, an even air, no bristling bits, the younger to the elder.

"i know what's happening in the house, but despite that..., " his lovely nani cuts in, and then with a regal air, "hum ee ghar ke bade hain... i am the elder of the family... which is why after much thinking i've decided that tomorrow we shall neither fight nor..."

"this is what you came to talk about..." sweetest nod from grandson and hint of smile that spoke oceans from grandma... emotions and their meaning in a relationship. you can sense each other. he too came because he knew nani ji would listen.

he looks on, a streak of admiration in his gaze now... yes, there is much to learn from this woman.

"humri payal ke chhamchham se hoti hai... ka hai na manorama ka time pe taiyyar hona muskil hi nahi, namumkin hai." the ringing of my payals makes everything... thing is, it's not only difficult for manorama to be ready on time, it's impossible.

to not like this crazy coot mano darling is not merely difficult, it's impossible i say. utkarsha naik brought so much to this off the wall, pretty strange character. layers here too. if only the makers had stayed with original tale, might have got a look at mama ji, mami ji lau ishtory, ah, maybe in the sequel?

at last the creatives find the perfect way to show shyam. why not carry on like this. think we were all in the same state when he threw the anniversary gift saree around his wife's head and then imagined it was khushi he was looking at adoringly. felt like sickness, sexual predation, and a complete desecration of khushi's innocence all at one. and did they just make his hair fly a la asr khushi rabba vey? can't forgive.

"arre shantivan, jahan raizada house hai..."
is their no end to the poor girl's troubles? how she resisted this meeting again. something in her could neither stop thinking of him, nor run away from him (no matter how much she thought she wanted to). all these awful feelings he aroused in her. some she understood, but what about the ones she didn't. that's what i believe caused this level of panic.

she walks in.. he's on the phone... he pauses, eyes looking up... a breeze rises... reaches her, she senses something... piano notes traipse in... hey hey, he lets the phone leave his ears, constantly on it since yesterday as though his mind must be kept busy, even while talking to la it was stuck to his ear, but now... she steps and looks aware... rabba vey...


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