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about anjali and writing losing its way

hi all,

was reading the chat above.

anjali was actually a character that intrigued me, and i think daljeet's acting got me past the itch to slap her whenever she did that sweet loving "nyaka" sis thing... daljeet was really good. she took anjali through her several traits with grace and ease. the besotted blind in love wife (he was staying away nights for so long, she never suspected a thing, even canny mami commented). the completely dependent and loving sister. the pampered granddaughter... and yet with a steely determination in her... i remember a day when mami was freaking out over akash carrying payal and anjali walked in and managed the scene. in fact she was a bit stern with mami. anjali often managed things.

she would manage, lovingly manipulate, her brother so well too... she always knew she had power over him.

and yes a part of her was terribly shaken and fear ridden ever since that night in their lives... she constantly was into her poojas i felt to get a hold of that shaken part of hers... that's why the pooja path mattered to an excessive degree, even nani couldn't take it.

she was meticulous about things... that whole thing about how to set the table, how to cut salad, etc., she was a girl born well who showed signs of her background and upbringing in many many ways. she was an intelligent girl who spoke in crisp english and thankfully that did not make her a bad girl Embarrassed.

when she started sneaking out to see shyam, i actually was quite happy... complexity... i kept thinking we'd see complexity here... i also was sure that it would be she who would in the end bring shyam to his denouement. maybe with a little help from khushi, since shyam had so wronged khushi too, but she would be pivotal... i am silly, i thought writers were writing.

yes, anjali was a pivotal character... her relationship with asr is key i feel... but she was just messed up and left there.

asr had not only stopped when payal had mentioned shyam the night he brough khsuhi back, he knew khushi's fiance's name was shyam... in the absolutely stunning 125, right at the end she answered her phone in front of him and said, "ji, shyam ji..." so what happened to the sharp shatir one later... no recall? not even once?

the whole fam knew her fiance's name was shyam... yet it occurred to no one...

so many hints were dropped, and scenes about anjali finding shyam and khushi together... never to be acted on later.

babu ji remained where he was though there were scenes where we heard he was getting better. so what was the big hoohaa about him seeing shyam and knowing the truth? just for hospital hug?

and shyam... that subtle interesting pleasant looking man with a funny desire and a lack of conscience, almost scary in its intensity and curiously out of place with the rest of him, that we started with... what happened to him? he became boss and started rocking... then he said he is bura... that's all. so why was he in lucknow on that day he first met khushi... even then he was hiding his whereabouts from his wife...

i am frazzled beyond words after writing about the last few episodes. i am completely shocked at the lack of any respect for one's own work that many showed here. and really, was it necessary. i sense a lot of discord among makers when i see or write... leaves me untethered...

ultimately all the beautiful characters were wrecked... even asr was drastically toned down... his actor tried valiantly to keep him asr, despite long hair and oily skin... only nani ji, i think she remained more or less who i knew her to be. i would have liked to have seen her stern side a bit somewhere having seen that in the beginning and liking that element.

ipk was the kind of story which was really about its people and not so much about what happened out there... and they had indeed created some very special characters, each one... i mean even the prakash brothers have a place in our chats... if they had only felt there characters in their hearts and been guided by them, i have a feeling they would have not gone so haywire.

i understand the trp worries.

ipk was doing very well outside india but slipping in the domestic numbers. my thought on this: must every show be only for domestic market trp? in that case why this foray to get overseas audiences at all? and having got such a winner, wasn't it a bit silly to just let it go because 8pm slot needed more trp? would it not have been better to shift it to another time slot but try and stay with the tale which was getting humongous attention abroad, and i know of many many people who loved it in india too? anyway i am not a television executive... i would not know.

but i do write.

and i know there was no need to lose the whole thing so badly.

no, khushi does not like crackers... who wrote the diwali i will never forget and who wrote the diwali i can barely remember other than that faux pas.

sorry to go on. i am completely frazzled these days...

thank g i never was a tv serial watcher and am making sure this never happens again. though if a certain actor... teehee.


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