Sunday, 18 September 2016

episode 338 khushi... you?

the rage and the incredulous look. that's all i really remember from this episode. and then the helplessness...

when you love someone with all your heart, you can make massive errors, but you can equally be absolutely a hundred percent spot on right. that emotion makes you react in ways unfathomable i believe.

if seeing khushi in shyam's arms completely played hell into asr's sense of judgment and he erred hugely, equally did he learn to believe and trust and realise the truth, thanks to that same emotion. and once he knew shyam had messed with both the important women in his life, there was no going back. never again. not even if his beloved sister was aching and begging for a change in his decision.

he knew shyam was bad for her. and he would not let shyam anywhere near di. he in fact was out looking for a sensible, effective way to nurse di back to health.

and anyway, i didn't quite understand the strange collapse of anjali's health with the nurse calling out every next dramatic turn for the worse in monotone. nor did i get the super flap by her family, and all the achhi bahu khana making and competing. was this ipk?

finally of course, instead of going to a doctor khushi went and knocked on the murderer's door because creatives had failed to find a more interesting way to bring shyam back.

as i have said before, i understand the dramatic potential of this "twist" but for that you have to convince me that khushi had areally good reason to do so. alas, you haven't done that. so all it does is makes me think why am i watching this episode.

then i see a man turn on the staircase he had just started climbing (sorry the super tan tan tan entry of your favourite villain and focusing on his shoes just as you have before on asr's did not get me all excited so did not mention it) and his expression changes, and i am glued. all thought stops. could it be not only because the chap is gorgeous to look at, the man we call hotwa, but really because he is in character. that is asr. the man i met in episode one still capable of fabulous out of control anger especially when his heart is involved.

he came down swiftly, chucked his jacket onto a sofa, he had been elegantly carrying it on the crook of his arm... and went right up to shyam and stopped him... hand straight reaching for collar.

to that right correct anger... salaam.

he was not going to tolerate this man in his home. i was glad to see his nani and mami, and later nk and payal, none of them looked pleased at the sight of the man di was pining for no matter how much they cared for her. sense, intelligence, ability to take the right decision... valuable things.

would be good if these instead of mahaanta was the key differentiating property of the achhi bahu format endorsed by television land. a land which is our virtual duniya from eight to twelve every evening.

asr seethed with fury... who brought the abhorrent pretender here he wanted to know.

"answer me, dammit! kissne bulaya tha tumhe?!" how does this actor keep himself so convinced?

after the requisite dramatic pause, came a single word from the nineteen to a dozen girl. even that felt wrong. khushi would never talk like that. she may walk up with head bent, clutching her hands or rush in with a thousand explanations, but that cool smug voice. ugh.

the first time i saw the episode, i think i was more shocked than asr. just as i could never believe shyam had kidnapped asr despite all the huge thunking bricks chucked at us as "hints"... i also could not believe khushi, of all people, would bring him back, no matter how many times they showed her muttering to herself, even saying there might be "anarth" and she could not let that happen.

and why anarth would happen so easily, i didn't get. anjali had a miscarriage and was weak, why this melodramatic handling of the whole thing?


he looked up and in his eyes was stupefaction followed by a rush in of emotions... i wonder what they were. horror, anger, sense of betrayal...

"khushi! tumne!!" he sounds flabbergasted.

and the emotions pile up. she does this little let me explain to you thing, hand on his shoulder, holier than thou look on. "arnav ji!" hushed urgent whisper, she knows better tone... he is the one who doesn't samjho, understand. "hamari baat samajhne ki..."

he flinches away. incensed.

a real person. yes, that is what i would do too. there can never be any explanation that will justify this.

and there isn't, no matter what the writer writes.

upstairs in her bedroom, anjali, the offering, has heard "mere shyam ji's" voice and she struggles and heaves to sit up. i watch daljeet... a rather dramatic way about her always. she takes the frame and makes it hers, she has a certain presence. and i really don't mind her acting too. again, it's the writing that doesn't gel.

daljeet does this lover in unbounded need of her lover thing, hurls herself out of bed and rushes limping and falling to her husband. out of the room, down te many steps, dash against the walls then finally face to face with him... hair open and flowing, desperate love in eyes, a joy descending on features... almost manic. she looked beautiful to me. and yes a terrible poignancy in her love for a sick creature. for her love was always true. an emotion that can make you think galat and sahi both.

asr looked on. did a funny helplessness come into his eyes? he could not stop di from falling into shyam's arms. but he did tell shyam, he did not believe him when shyam said he was here only for anjali's sake.

i felt asr's extreme loneliness. he knows what is right. but there's no point. both the women he loves are not with him on this.

and when anjali hugged him, he really couldn't bring himself to return the hug.

no one had taken more care of her than him... today achhi bahu knows better. i think khushi is out there on the steps looking at this scene as had once before gazed at a brother and a sister from outside a temple. and her eyes are brimming over, feeling terrible for her laad governor.


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