Sunday, 18 September 2016

rain 1

there was always the rain. this time it had come as a torrent, a sudden downpour, a battering drenching cascading thunderstorm. she had no cover, no defence. this time though she had no need for it... she could walk in the rain. she braced her body and stood straight against the onslaught, her hand gripped a frame. a door began to slide, corralling the raging thunder in its silence.

there may have been a drop of rain clouding her vision, there might have been lightning striking her heart. there was no doubt as she left, she had left the rain in him.

that soundless sliding of the door. reflections. eyes still crossing miles. a barrier that only joins and cleaves. no one could run for cover. not even the one on the outside, sitting and staring at a screen, feeling the sharp cut of raindrops on her skin.

episode 130


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