Saturday, 17 September 2016

episode 337 galat is galat

a sense of right and wrong. sort of important to have i am thinking.

also a bit of common sense.

especially if you're a writer. a long episode that drags trying to justify something that cannot be justified doesn't really help. just because you show heroine talking to her goddess, doesn't make it okay. and really, why did she not go running and tell her husband, the man who is doing everything he can to make things all right?

who is being as honest as he can be.

doing what he believes is the right thing to do by her.

fretting like crazy over his sister, because she is so much a part of him and because he has this thing called a sense of responsibility that he must act with.

why is she not telling him that shyam is lurking here? that di is seeing shyam? because he may get angry? come on.

and interestingly some people are always saying, "hum kya karen devi maiya, hume kuchh samajhme nahin aa raha!" what should i do i can't understand... while others just take decisions they feel they need to and act.

no marks for guessing which gender must be shown to be dithering and sort of scuttling their own hand in the decisions they make and which gender is allowed to act based on decisions made by depending on one's self.

in feudal patriarchy, if a woman becomes self dependent, strong, capable of taking the call and not passing the buck to someone, ideally god... then how will such an unequal, unfair system survive?

jainesh, the new writer, is only helping a system stay stable. unquestioned. the main reason perhaps why he was brought in. cut ipk down to the level of all serials.

thankfully, nani survived fairly intact despite that.

i also note that the man, who really hasn't been through all the woman things including pregnancy, went to consult another specialist, a fine sensible decision i'd say. one my mother would have taken.

and the good girl sat muttering, being "good", not trusting this man... and will soon decide what she needs to do is go to her s man. no not a specialist.

how did we even sit through this whole thing?

and they will make asr apologise to khushi? like he doesn't care for his sis's life, she does more... also knows more. i am a woman and i do believe our voice is never really heard, but that does not mean what is wrong is not wrong.

man woman transgender whatever.

sigh, i miss my man. and he did look gorgeous running down the stairs. his voice of reason excites me.


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