Saturday, 24 September 2016

about that sanak

gaur se dekhiye as kamlesh khabri has exhorted us. look at this man carefully, that shouldn't be too hard to do. if you see him coming undone gradually, it's because he is doing precisely that, there's deep undoing going on inside of him... near that walled in dil of his, his fort faraq nahin padta. and it's all because of something called sanka.

difficult to translate. sanka is looniness, craziness, cookiness, loopiness, eccentricity, loveliness and innocence combined. there might be a few other things in it. but just as only the druid knows the secret of obelix's magic potion, so here. in fact here it's even more of a secret recipe. no one knows exactly what and in what proportion goes into it.

but sanka would be an essential note of the raga khushi, if khushi were music (aaj mausam hai suhana would be based on this raga of course); of jalebi khushi if she were a sweet; of bhangra khushi if she were a dance.

well khushi is a girl and sanka is her birthright. i go on about this because i have a theory and a huge round of applause for the writers (i have been cribbing a lot lately and not without reason, but here they have shown such talent).

theory is, this sanka is what finally hits at and collapses the wall of don't care, of indifference that the gorgeous mr raizada has created in him. not that he meant to be that way... but life handed him a blow he couldn't take. everything froze and hardened within.

to cut through that, something sharp was needed, sharp yet gentle. something that could crack open the shell then fill it with a salve, ameliorate, ease, lighten. bring on a sense of happiness. not because he was looking for it, because he really wasn't, but just because it was so compelling, it brought on the feeling, bas.

had khushi been everything else she was... pure hearted, strong, caring, even beautiful and feisty, he may have grown to like her over time, but for him to fall for her, something more was needed. enter sanka.

that sanka is what made him let go and capitulate. every time. and suddenly it would yank him much like that dupatta she grabbed and pulled and without even knowing he'd fly to her.

repeat telecasht: the sanka was essential to him falling madly in love, pagalo ke tarah, sigh.

i love the character design. her sanka was not just a touch of cutesie pieness, it was necessary for this particular love story. the writers get a big namaste and adrakwali chai from me for that.

i also really want to leap with joy when i think, his gussa, his essential note was again not just a thing added to make him seem powerful and big, he showed his love for her through the many shades of his gussa and she because she was who she was, understood that.

if he was not gussa, she'd miss it. if she were not sanki, he'd get deeply concerned. they got each other... totally. such a beautiful sign of that thing we can't find a name for.

of course, without sanaya's keen and beautifully thought out interpretation would we have ever felt this divine sanak and without barun sobti that extreme range of asr emotions.

i hope you are still looking at him. do you feel his heart lurch suddenly? the smile, sorry smirk, is out before he can think... and doesn't it say the man is gone?

never mind her, she'll just pour some mango juice in your shoes to take revenge.


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